My brother found face-down and flat-line in jacuzzi

Almost two weeks ago my Sister-in-law returned home from 3 hours of shopping. She found my brother floating face down in their jacuzzi. She pulled him out and called 911. His heart restarted after two adrenilin shots. He's been in ICU this whole time and has sort of regained conciousness, hopefully he will have most functions eventually, but we are not even close yet and honestly we are freakin' scared...
Like me, my bro is T-1, however unlike me he doesn't have great insurance. He recently switched to Keizer and the idiot Dr changed his strips prescrip to 4 per day because according to the DR "his A1C looks so good he shouldn't need to test so much."
Does anyone know of any good resources in SW Washington to help file a law-suit against Keizer?

I'm so sorry to hear about this horrible incident, Jethro. My wishes for a full recovery for your brother.

How terrifiying for you all! Sending wishes for his complete recovery. Hope you find someone to help with a lawsuit. You must be angry at the Dr., too. How can any medical professional think that it is possible to safely "limit" the amount of times a T1 diabetic should test his BG? Your brother-in-law has paid a heavy price for this Dr.'s ignorance.

What a shock it must have been for your family. I do hope your brother makes a full recovery.

You know what, insurance companies do this all the time. Recently my insurance company, Harvard Pilgrim got in bed with Abbott and made every diabetic who was not on a pump or visually impaired switch to FreeStyle lite strips. And they also limited the number of strips covered to 204 per month. Which obviously is more than the 4 strips allowed Jethro's brother, but I was really pissed off about it. I contacted everyone I could about it, but to no avail I had to give up my One Touch meters and start with the Abbott product. I did get them to authorize 250 strips per month but that was by getting a doctor's note for them. And if you think the ADA is going to get involved just go on their website, it's chock full of advertisements for Abbott so you can imagine how much help you will get.

I'm so sorry about your brother and hope for a full and speedy recovery. I'm also sorry your brother has an idiot doctor. Was it the insurance company that ordered him to go to 4 strips per day or was it the idiot doctor ? Or are they one and the same ?

Forgive me if I post this twice,until today it had been a long time since I logged on and wrote anything.
We are all angry, hopeful, worried, excited; you name it we're feeling it. I was told by a freind at the hospital that he called my bro prior to him getting into the jacuzzi and told him he should test; my bro replied that he was running low on strips.
I wonder how does a normal body test its glucose and how often does it do that in a 24 hour period?

My sister just posted that she held his hand and said "If you know who I am squeeze my hand." He squeezed her hand. It sounds little but it means sooo much to us....

I am so sorry. Stories like this scare me to no end. Four times per day is absurd. A T1 needs to generally twice that to stay safe. I don’t know of any resources where you are, but
I hope you’re able to find something. I’m NOT one for frivolous lawsuits, but 4 strips per day for a T1 is just criminal to me.

I'm very sorry to hear about your brother.

I agree this is an interesting proposal for a lawsuit however it may be an uphill battle. I suspect the best long-term proposal to punish "them" (Keizer) and other companies might be a very broad, class-action type of suit. I would suspect that their defense would involve Medicare's "research" (ha ha) "proving" that 4x strips/ day are acceptable. Proving what happened for this occurrence might be tough The possibilities are almost endless but, once you start peeling back the layers of that onion, the defendants are going to be tough and expensive adversaries. I know who I'd contact in Chicago where I live and work but I'm not sure about Washington. The plus-side of a bigger firm might be that they'd have the resources to determine if a class-action could be found, put up billboards "did you get a letter from your insurance company about 4x strips/ day? *raises hand* call 866-stripme"

I am so sorry. Having been 911ed (not hospitalized) lately, it is no fun. Hope all works out well.

No, that means a lot! Tells you that he is in there! Good news!

I have received so much conflicting info on what research says regarding the need to test BGs. For example, I’ve run into the occasional doc over the years who says my 8-14 tests/day is too much. Others have said that, at a minimum, I need to test before and after meals, upon waking, before going to bed, in the middle of the night, before driving, and anytime i feel funny. This would make for about 12 tests a day. And don’t forget to throw in the occasional ERROR 5 waster strip.

Bottom line is that when I ask for the Rx, I tell the doc what I need. And I say it like, “This is the number of test strips I need each day to stay healthy and safe and keep others on the road safe as well.” Once I started putting it like that, I was never questioned again.

I sort of think the # of tests is a critical issue? BCBS fired a shot across my bows with a letter telling me that "Medicare says you need 4x strips/ day" a couple of years ago, but they still rx'ed 14/ day that the doc recommended. I think the medical organizations need to be open and public and meet my, and everyone elses, need for test strips.

Fortunately, though our insurance companies seem to arbitrarily stipulate amounts of test strips, we can have a doctor override those limits by saying we need more.

I think their long term goal is to get us all down to 4x/ day. It doesn't make any medical/ scientific sense but it makes a lot of cents, as it were?

So sorry to hear about your brother Jethro. I hope he soon makes a full recovery.
Last November, my younger brother was found dead in his bed. As they could find nothing ,they said that it was "just diabetes". His daughters have had so many problems trying to find out what happened especially since they had just sent him home from emergency where they told him to go to work.
I think you are right to pusue this. It's about time that we stop accepting the fact that we can just die and they don't investigate what actually happened. It is shocking that only 4 test strips would be prescribed for one who is dependant upon insulin!
So good to hear that your sister-in-law was able to find your brother in time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Joanne

The idiot DR works at/for Kiezer. Keizer is one of those insurance/medical facilities combined (I don't remember the terminology) When my insurance tried to limit me I told them that my DR prescribed 10 per day , the next day my insurance came around and no problem since. For my brother though Keizer is all inclusive so the doctors tend to care more about $ bottom line than about their patients needs.

Class action does sound good. I'll take those suggestions to the family tommorrow.

Judith; be as long winded as you can; From your comment I learned the correct way to spell Kaiser. I wish you luck and since you're in Portland Daimler Trucks has been hiring, whether it's right for you I don't know but the insurance is good.