My Brother

Is this normal for an eleven year old brother to do…?

My brother likes to dance around the house singing fire burring by Sean Kingston and stands on top of his bed saying he is sexy. He is so weird and anoying. Any one want a brother? He’s Free ( and good entertainment when you are bored). LOL.

LOL, you should video tape him…good for blackmail later or show his first girlfriend. Thanks for sharing. Made me think of my brother…he was good entertainment as well. Enjoy :slight_smile: Priceless

Put it on you tube!

I agree with Danny…much that they may be so annoying today, these will be fond special memories in the future. (Something you can blackmail him with LOL Kidding!)
I had a brother…he is 3 years younger…but passed away because of some heart problems… that was many years ago, but I still miss him.

I would take him for a wee brother in a second flat, Laughing is taking for granted by young people. When you get as old as me you will cherish those fun times, there precious as can be:)

My brother’s name is charles but he goes by his middle name tyler. He just turned 11 march 15

Ugh not now I’m 47 and having an 11 year old brother might send me through the roof! LOL!