My canine buddy

Marilyn, reading your story with 17-year old Spot resonates with me. One of the reasons that I delayed writing about Norm’s death is that I knew I would be a painful reminder to people like you. But that’s life. We must deal with both the good and bad.

You found a way to deal with your loss and moved on. In a way, it’s a harsh reality, but it does illuminate the path forward. I’m sure that you enjoy the companionship of your cats. The important thing that you recognized and preserved is that you honor and exercise your ability to care and love for another being!

Recalling pain and vulnerability is the cost of love. Sorry for the seeming platitudes, but it’s true! I appreciate your account because it acknowledges the very real hurt while it shows that you can/will/did overcome. Be well!


It’s hard to lose a friend, harder to lose a dog that is devoted to you, in a way that someone who hasn’t had that experience, can’t really understand.

Know that there are many of us who do.


I don’t post very often, but I read almost everything on here. I am so very sorry for your loss of Norm. His pawprints will always remain in your heart. I hope the wonderful memories you have of your special friend will help to brighten your days. I’m sure he loved you as much as you loved him. Take care.


So very sad to hear this Terry. Such a huge loss. My heart goes out to you.


Pam, I am honored that you chose to make a comment to my post! Your practice of usually just reading on this forum is shared by many, a practice that I assumed for the first two or three years I started on this forum. Thank-you!

I have pulled back my participation here markedly in the past few years due to a significant health change. I even thought about stopping my interactions completely. I chose a path of fewer posts and comments instead. It’s been helpful to me, with Norm’s passing, to write about this issue and interact with this community. Community can sometimes be a pain but a blessing as well.

Thank-you for making such an infrequent comment in response to my situation. I appreciate your expression of empathy. You sound like you may have lived through a similar circumstance. Be well!


Thank-you, @PYBM!

Thanks so much for sharing Terry. I enjoyed hearing about your wonderful companion and sorry to hear that he is no longer with you.


Very sorry to hear about your loss. Because of his ability as a T1D alert friend he was “extra” special. I’m glad to hear he lives on for you…

I’ve always said, some of the very best people I have ever met have been dogs…



I’m so sorry to learn of Norm’s passing. I’m always reminded of the saying: “Dogs would be PERFECT if they lived forever …”. I expect that is doubly true of a service dog.

While I’ve never had a service dog, I certainly know that many of my best moments are spent at the far end of my dog’s lead.

My deepest condolences.



What a dear friend! Thank you for sharing the love!
Our animal buddies are the greatest gifts to being human. So sorry for your loss
May you always feel the love that he and you share🙏🏼


I am very intentionally choosing not to read this, because my heart can’t take what I’m sure it contains and the comments confirmed… but you have all my feels. I hope you find the solace you need. If you ever find yourself ready for a companion again, please remember there are amazing senior dogs at the shelters who similarly lost their person(s), and would give anything to be chosen again just to be loved a little longer.

I have one 14 year old fur baby that has out-lived her expectancy, so this hits way too close to home. I loved her even before my husband! She’s the one who’s happily been with me through nearly my entire adult life: all the highs and lows, sick days, life lessons, heart breaks, career changes, moving to 4 new states, etc… We also have a slightly younger one that we rescued our first year on the homestead. The bravest, sweetest, hardest working dog ever! (Don’t we all think our own is the best??) She’s taken on a mountain lion TWICE to protect me, herds the cows (and tries to herd me and the cat!), sits watch over the empire, can count to 3, knows her left from right, nailed every trick we can dream up (and can now do them “single”, “double”, or “triple” times), knows all her toys by name… and then wants her due snuggles all night. We chose not to have children, so maybe we invested all that spare loving in the furry ones. They really are family. All I know is I’m going to be destroyed when I lose either one of them.


Hi Terry, What a beautiful tribute to an amazing companion. So very sorry for your loss of Norm. Blessings and peace to you as you grieve your life-changing friend.


Thanks so much for your heartfelt message given your sensitivity to this issue. We all must deal with loss in our own way. I encourage you to reconsider your own strength with managing the loss of an emotionally important relationship.

You’ve proven to be resourceful and persistent in dealing with diabetes. It is a formidable foe in life and should not be dismissed regarding the strength it takes to manage.

Good to hear from you especially since I know how you feel about these things.

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My pup used to wake me as well for low blood sugars and he also died at 15 yrs. That was about 1.5 yrs ago. I miss him every single days since.

These kind of dogs are a gift and we also get to fall madly in love with them too. Understand how you feel. I’ll never get over the loss fine creatures like your Norm and my Timmy. :heart::heart::heart::+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for writing about Timmy. You’re right, these dogs are truly a gift!

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Their senses are amazing - Timmy would wake me up when my blood sugar started to move too close to the low range. I want another!

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What a darling face, Terry! I’m sure you miss him terribly. Loosing a pet is awful. :cry:

Thanks for your kindness, @mohe0001. Yes, I do miss him. I have to keep reminding myself that my capacity to love is the most important thing and that is not gone. It’s hard and your comments, as well as the whole community’s, have eased my loss.

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Blessings of the Universe to you, my dear. Such a sad and deeply felt loss. I empathize and hold you close in my heart. Grieve well and deeply…Judith in Portland


Thank you for your kind response, Judith! Norm’s life and spirit continues to provide me with important life lessons. Grieving well and deeply is a good reminder that grieving well, given enough time, does indeed help diminish the sense of loss.

I feel privileged to receive a comment from you. Hoping you may participate more cause I think it’s both good for this community and for you. Be well!