My cat has a healing Effect on my diabetes

Ok , so I thought I’d just comment on some of my cats behavior that seems to relate to diabetes … I’ve noticed that when my bloodsugar goes above 200 my feet feel very heavy and they feel very swollen . So if I’m laying down and my cat sees that I’m not paying attention to him he will lay either at the end of my bed or he will lay on my legs and would you believe that this makes the pressure go away . Also when my bloodsugar is low and I’m sitting at the table drinking milk with licorice or gummy fruit snacks ( works great ) my cat will get in my face and then be all nosey with what I’m eating as if he’s trying to tell me " don’t overdue it your eating to fast and to much ( that’s low bloodsugar for ya )
And when I test my bloodsugar my cat will try to knock my machine onto the floor if I’m ignoring his meows for some cat treats