My challenge

This week I went to my Dr.s for my check in appt.and to meet my new Dr. My A1c was up to 8.4 from 7.3(taken last fall). He wasn’t to happy but I had had a very stressful last 6 months and he knew that. He suggested some lifestyle changes instead of adding more meds. It wouldn’t work with my schedule so mixed up lately. My mom is going away for 2 months and I will be in charge of the shopping and the cooking and all household duties during that time. So Dr suggested I take that time to cook and eat like a diabetic. Feed everyone else what I have to eat and show them how healthy can be enjoyable to eat everyday. I was kinda hesitant as I know my brother can’t live without his pasta, but maybe whole wheat pasta instead might be better and a homemade sauce instead of jars. My world is going crazy with looking through cookbooks I have collected over the years and I am getting excited to try to change something and I have to power to do it. Maybe my family will except the changes and we can keep after my mom gets home, hopefully I find some good meals she will like when she gets home. It is all good. I will have testing done again in 1 month to see if the plan worked or is working and I can’t wait.
Any suggestions are welcome for meals. hb

I will be thinking good thoughts for you. It’s hard to deal with stress even without diabetes. You do have the power to turn this around and I know you can do it