My crazy idea on treating diabetes


I’m not a diabetic, but ever since my friend Manny has been diagnosed I’ve seen how he deals with it. I think he does a great job a keeping himself in-check and many times I forget all about it. Sometimes, however, I can see how it affects his day-to-day life.

The other day, for example, his sugar was really high and the insulin from the pump was not working or something. I told him, can I give you some of mine? I told him that to amuse him, but then I thought, what if I could do that?

There are software systems call Peer to Peer (or P2P) that rely in the network of millions of processors in different computers. You may remember Napster where people could find just about any song. It wasn’t because they were all hosted in the same place, it was because Napster was a network of millions of users with songs in their computers that essentially made everyone together a gigantic server.

What if, we could do the same with insulin? how many people would have to give 1% of their own insulin to treat all the diabetics in the world? If there was a way to get people’s insulin and made them part of a network, we could have all the insulin necessary to treat you guys.

I know it sound super crazy. But if someone would figure it out, I would gladly be the first one in that network.


I can only say: I wish all the people with diabetes had such an amazing and supportive boss!

Thanks for being there, Luis!!