My Current A1C - I'm shocked!

forgive me for more blabbing
If you’ve been following my several posts, talking about my struggles the past couple of months, you already know that I was expecting a pretty high A1C. My DAY averages according to the mysugr app have been anywhere from 130 on my best days to 190 on my worst days. I felt like I’ve had a lot of bad days lately. I always keep a written log of everything, and without a CGM I’ve just guessed and used the app to try and see how I was doing.

However, one thing has remained the same since starting Tresiba in February and that has been my overnight numbers (the time I sleep): they remain steady and have been ranging from 70-115. I wake up with numbers between 62 and 115, although some days higher but very seldom.

So my good, steady, overnight blood sugars have had to be the impact of this A1C because I know my daytime numbers haven’t been as great.

My A1C is 6.5!! :open_mouth: I can’t even believe it.

I did fasting blood work today and got the results online. My cholesterol numbers are great too, which has a lot to do with blood sugar control, so I guess I’m not doing as bad as I thought I was!

I know, I know, we are our own worst critics and sometimes perfectionists when it comes to T1D. I’m sure I can cut myself some slack now knowing things aren’t as bad as I think they are at times. I also thank each and every one of you who have gave me solutions, tried to help me out as best as you could, have listened to my rants and rambles and worries; this place is my safe haven for T1D and I’m so glad I found this community! :grin::hugs:

So now when I get a high of 300 I’m not going to stress so much. I’ll correct it and move on. I’ll enjoy a cupcake every so often if I want to, and do the best I can. If at ‘my worst’ I’m not doing so bad, I’m just going to strive for healthier choices and live life. I will say it feels like a weight being lifted, and although I’m not out of the park for unexplained spikes just yet, I do know that all the other numbers matter too and I need to remember this :+1:


None of the numbers, however, matter as much as the attitude you take towards these numbers in general. I won’t say that your worry and concern are unnecessary because I actually think they help, providing they are not overdone.

One of the Catholic popes once said, “See everything. Overlook a great deal. Improve a little.” This is also a good creed to live diabetes by. Congrats on your success!


That’s great! The same thing happened to me in December. I’d been really struggling with rollercoasters and knew my A1c would be high, so I was happy when it came back at 6.3%.

I’ve now worked out the kinks and am back on track, so am really hoping this next one might be my break into the 5s. :slight_smile: But I really can’t complain at all. Proof that hard work every day does pay off, even if diabetes doesn’t want to cooperate.

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@Terry4 Thank you! I know I can be hard on myself, no doubt there, but I do know also that it can be a positive thing. It means I won’t give up (hopefully) on doing my best. I’ve always had that mindset though. Even if I do worry, I look for ways to improve, hence all my posts lol I do agree with that though! There are always things to improve on, but also things to accept and things to be thankful for :slight_smile:

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@Jen That’s good to hear! I think it’s so hard sometimes too, because all the bad days start getting jumbled together; we lose track of any good that comes out of them. I can’t complain now. I’m happy, even though I would still like to work on my spikes and have more steady days. Agreed though; diabetes won’t always cooperate and we just have to take a breath and start fresh the next day! :blush:

Congrats and the great numbers and congrats on getting the reality of diabetes. There is no perfect, there is no good numbers. We can only do the best we can with what we have.
And wow, aren’t we the hardest on ourselves? I can be so very, very hard on myself, but would never be that hard on someone else. Why is that? We are so caring and compassionate to others but never towards ourselves.
And so glad to hear you are no longer sweating the small stuff. If you have one of those days. You fix it, learn from it and move one! That’s really all you can do. And those 300’s that don’t last for long, are not a big deal.
Yeah for you and keep fighting the fight.


@Sally7 Thanks so much!! We really are! And I suppose I never really thought about my night numbers balancing out the highs I was having, that were only lasting a couple hours or so. Some things just get so frustrating when you can’t figure out why they are happening. One thing and one day at a time though! :slight_smile:

daisy707, what fantastic news! Your A1C! WOW!!! I am so happy for you! Keep up the good attitude and great work!

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@Jane22 Thank you so much Jane! :slight_smile:

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@daisy707 I have been following your posts. I admire the efforts you put into your personal control. I knew something good will come up with all your efforts. And here it is. Congratulations. By sharing your struggles, you have helped others too. Keep up the good attitude as @Terry4 has mentioned above, and so with all the others trying to help you.
PS: Diabetes sucks

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@arpida_seru Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: It’s difficult, because not having a CGM, and not seeing those overnight numbers, I just figured everything had gone to crap. lol

I’m keeping a closer eye now and figuring my overnight average from my bed time BG to my morning BG. I seem to be really stable now; staying around the 100 range overnight. For a few days I periodically checked every 1 hour one night, 2 hours the next, and had no fluctuations. So now, to fine tune my day time spikes (which I think I figured out), to have better day time averages! All of the struggles over the past few months, just made me research the most to try and figure it all out. I think it’s best when we take from our downs to figure out how to get back up and do better!