My Daddy Always Said

I believe it’s a universal parent thing to be continually shocked by how fast our children grow up. I’m in the midst of one of those cycles. School will be out here in around 30 days and though I love summer for a multitude of reasons (extra time with my kids being number 1) this summer is not quite as exciting. The reason is because my Amber will be entering HIGH SCHOOL next school year and my Nikki will be entering MIDDLE SCHOOL! I’d like to know who put the clock on fast forward!

However, like all transitions, sweet moments are everywhere. Middle school parent orientation was last week and I had the privilege of watching Amber show Nikki and some of her friends around the school. That is definitely going into my “That Is So Cool/Proud Mommy Moments” column. I’m admittedly stressed about the girls moving into new areas of their lives. With Nikki it is strictly because of diabetes – she already has the social and I know my way around the school thing down pat. I’m worried about things that will only make sense to T1 parents, so I won’t attempt to list them all here (yet, I may blog that later LOL).

Now for one of my random ‘asides’; my daddy always said I’m a worrier. His favorite thing to tell me was that if I wasn’t worried then I’d be worried I’d forgotten something. Isn’t it annoying how well our parents know us? Anyway, I’m currently in the middle of worrying I’ve forgotten something. The reason is because there doesn’t really appear to be as much to worry about in the middle school transition as I had anticipated.

Some of you may remember that Nikki has a very close T1 friend here in our county, same age/grade, but she has attended a different elementary school. Nikki and Mikayla see each other when the can and they go to diabetes camp every summer together. Next year the girls will be attending the same school for the first time and we already know of at least one class they have together. That’s not all, the nurse at Twenhofel (yes that’s the actual name of the actual school –for Paul when he reads this post) is a T1 and she wears a mini-med pump; she’s excited to have Nikki and Mikayla coming to her school next year. So that knocks out a lot of what I was worrying about – now what? Just kidding. Finally, along with Mikayla being in the class I was speaking of, one of Nikki’s three BFFs (Emily) is in that class as well. God is Good.

Daddy was right….if I’m not worrying I worry I forgot something. I wonder what I forgot….

Thanks for the laugh this morning and I relate to worrying about that as well - :smiley: