My daughter just started the Animas Ping on Monday

My daughter Isabelle(3yrs old, dx Feb/11) just started on the Animas Ping on Monday. Today we took her first bath. Everything went fine, disconnected the pump (after a little convincing), she realized it did not hurt in the bath and that it was ok to get it wet. However, the tegaderm film that is over her site started to come off after she was out. I thought that I would just take that off, but the infusion needle (not sure the right terminology!) started to come off as well. So I stuck it back on as best I could. Now I am worried the site isn’t going to work. She is due for a site change in the morning. Any advice for now and bathtime in the future?

Hi, Robin!

We usually do site changes after bath time because the tape does tend to get less sticky and I like to start with freshly bathed skin. We use the Medtronic Revel and usually don’t have trouble with the site coming off for at least 1-2 baths, but I don’t let her soak for a super long time either.

When I’m worried a site might come off soon, I try to save it until site change time with a band=aid holding it down around the perimeter, or covering the whole thing with IV-3000, cutting out a hole in the center for the infusion hub. (the center of the site).

Hope this helps! You’re going to get better and better with practice and soon it will be like 2nd nature.

Take care!


Mom to EA, diagnosed at 15 months, pumping since 18 months, which has now been over 4 years!

Hi Robin,
my daughter uses Animas Ping and I have to say she swims, takes a bath, shower - no issue. But like Jessica, I always try to time bath night with a set change just so my daughter can have a few minutes of being totally disconnected. I would say that if I thought the site had been compromised at all, I would chuck it and start over. The risk of infection and also of the insulin not getting in there is too great. We have been using the Ping for 9 months and have no issues or complaints at all!
Keep going - you’re doing great!

You can use IV Prep before you put her site, it makes it more sticky and keeps the site in place longer. I used it when my daughter took baths, now that she showers I don’t need it anymore. It helped a lot when we spent the whole day at the beach on the water.
Hope it helps !! =)


For super sticky try skin tac wipes the set should stay put with bath or swimming. These are stickier than iv prep too sticky for some, won’t come off till you take it off.

we have had the ping for two years. i watched someone on youtube put on a cgm and he showed how he really pressed and rubbed on the sticky film after putting it on and said he thought that was super important in making it stick. we have used the IV prep in the past and then ran out and have not noticed any difference. abby is 9 and does not take too many baths anymore, but last year she swam almost daily and we did not have a problem unless the site was old and almost ready to be changed anyway. when in doubt, we change sites cuz it is easier to do it when i am fully awake!