My diabetes horror story

I hate writing about diabetes horror stories mine included, not because its saddening but because it puts me in a very judgmental mood and I do not believe fear is a good motivator for any aspect of life.

The recent Oprah diabetes special comes to mind. While she used the typical fear factor to show how devastating poor diabetes management principles can be. That was one of the many wrong things with that episode which was meant to galvanize diabetics and pre-diabetics into action but fell quite short of that with rampart misinformation and misdirection.

Kelly Kunik of Diabetesaliciousness summed it up perfectly on her Dear Oprah & Dr. Oz- The Diabetes Show- Major FAIL blog post.

To me it is unfathomable for someone to know they have a disease eating away at their insides and choose not to do anything about it. It is just another level of infallible stupidity.
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