My diabetic checker Johanna and how come married for 60 years

I hope, I will live telling this story!

She is a marvel, really, no kidding! She keeps my diabetes under control if it kills me! Really!

Many people ask me what the heck did you do to get this far?(60 years) Yes, a very good question!
Don’t know if I should tell you but if you insist I will!
Assuming thus… here goes!
We don’t argue! I know she wins every time! But that is not the real reason! Would you really, really like to know? Ok, here we go again!
It all started in the “Rocky Mountains” many years ago! We both hired a donkey, an ■■■ or whatever they are called. This particular day it was an ■■■!

Going down a narrow path Jo’s donkey slipped nearly dumping Jo down to the depths of no return! She got a bit upset! She just calmly said to the donkey "That’s once!"
I heard her say that because I was right behind her on a donkey watching where it did put it’s little feet. Then her donkey slipped again! Well she almost lost it I tell you!
But still she said “Ok donkey!That is twice!” So far an interesting story right?

Then, and here it is… The donkey slipped again!!! Suddenly Jo pulled a small dainty ladies gun out of her pocket and shot the donkey dead, yes, very dead! I couldn’t believe what I saw…I shouted at her "Why did you do that? I love all animals even the flies and mosquitoes, the dogs and the cats, the bears and what have you!"
All she did was saying “That is once!!” I carried on until she said calmly, "That is twice!"
By that time I had to decide what to do! I looked down the mountain where the donkey had gone and decide NOT to go on.
To make a long story short, this is why we never argue and are married almost 60 years.
Never even winked at another woman! NEVER!

Well it had to be told, so now you all know why we are married SO LONG!

Johnben or JB telling all!

Hey, you’re still around and telling bad jokes. How is your heart?

This discussion is still here, JohnBen.