My Dickens’ Village

I collect the Department 56 Dickens’ Village and put it up at Christmas. Last year when looking for display ideas, I discovered that people put videos of their village on YouTube. I decided to do that because it makes it easier to share with people. I am running late this year, but I finally finished putting my village up on Friday and have the video up on YouTube. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

They are so beautiful Kelly!

Ooo, how beautiful! How long did this take?

Thank you Teena!

Thanks Gerri! Everyone always asks me how long it takes and I haven't timed it in a long time. It normally takes about a week. This year, it took me 2 weeks but I was moving slow. The theme this year seemed to be "re-do" and I was moving stuff around alot so that slowed me down also. I was even moving houses after I had the lights strung.

It's so beautifully laid out that you can tell it's a lot of work & a labor of love. I looked at other village videos from your mention of this. Yours wins hands down! The video you did is also great.

That's beautiful, Kelly! :)

Gerri, I used Google’s Picasa – it is kind of like videos for dummies. You can just take still photos & put them together to make a video. I had some motion ones on last year’s video to try & capture a couple moving pieces and I don’t think the video came out as nice as just using all still ones.

Thanks Lizmari!

Great to know about that. Thanks. The video was smooth & seamless. That you did it from stills must be why.

Using all stills was why it was smooth & seamless. My 2009 video is still on YouTube (next to my user name, it says 3 videos and if you click on that, you can see the 2009 one). That had some gaps in when the motion clips were combined. Even though I wanted to show some of the motion pieces, I didn’t like the way the video came out.

Who's Lizmari? lol

DWQ, I guess I got you mixed up with that other lady that used to post here – someone was giving her a hard time one day and she disappeared in the middle of that uproar! You look just like her except your face is a lot thinner (and of course, you look younger!).

Wow, thank you... ;) What a compliment!

Thanks Lotsofshots! Yesterday, I came downstairs to find my cat sitting in the middle of the river - I wish I had grabbed my camera instead of yelling her to get out. She jumped over the bridge to get it. It was actually pretty funny the way she was just sitting there looking around without a care in the world!