My dilemma

A couple of months ago I found out I have to switch endocrinologists due to my current insurance dropping that hospital and network of doctors, ugh! I have to admit I am not a big fan of going to the endo mostly because it often feels like I’m being criticized. And who likes criticism? No matter how contructive it is. But this doctor has a totally different approach which I find so refreshing. He takes his time to explain things to me, asks my opinion and actually writes down what he wants me to do and gives me a copy before I leave the office.

How many times have you left the doctors office and went home and thought did he say change my carb ratio to 10 or 8 at dinner time? Or you go to the doctor and they come in and spend two minutes in the room with you, bark a couple of orders at you and then they are gone? Or maybe they are in the room longer than two minutes but you try to ask a question and it’s shot down before you get the whole question out? I’ve been through each and every one of them and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten.

My point is I hate having to switch since it took so long for me to find one that I really like. I’ve got a couple of recommendations from some diabetics friends so let’s hope that works out. Wish me luck and many blessings.

Andrea B.

Good luck in your new endo journey =) Hope you find a great one, as we all do!

Awesome I hope it works for you!

Be loved

Wish you all the luck in the world and the blessings

I have big problems when a doctor decides he has the right to criticize a patient’s behavior or decisions. The doctor is there to offer advice and solutions and to LISTEN, not to act like he’s some kind of dictator. Eric’s endo is a nice man and very forthright and funny, but he got my back up a little bit when he criticized me for keeping a family bed–we’ve always had our boys sleeping in the bed with us even when little, and give me a break, I’m not stupid, I took precautions to make sure that neither my husband nor I would roll over them or suffocate them or anything. I’ve heard the arguments against it and I’m sure for some people it would not be a wise or safe thing to share a bed with an infant, but I’ve always been a light sleeper and aware of my surroundings awake or asleep, so it was OK–and sure enough they’ve both been fine. The worst part of it was just having little feet in my back or face sometimes, the best part was that I could nurse the baby without having to get up in the middle of the night (and have I mentioned, it gets MIGHTY cold in Maine in the winter, so getting out of bed to feed the baby is NO fun!). I wanted to say to him, look, pal, next time YOU fall asleep with a baby at your breast and wake up because the baby has slid to the floor WITHOUT LETTING GO, THEN you can talk to me about the wisdom of keeping the baby in the bed. If he brings it up again, I will say exactly that–don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but I don’t let my docs push me around. Too many doctors think they’re demigods, and too many patients let them get away with thinking that!

I should add, that’s not to say I don’t respect the medical profession, because I do. But some members of the profession forget that they should respect their patients equally. When you find a doctor who does, you should do everything possible to hang onto that doc… it’s a pity our healthcare system doesn’t promote a good relationship between doctors and their patients, you know?