My Early, Early first impression of Tandem T-Flex,


Yeah, if you were eating a big meal, at 2 units per bolus, you would need a lot of pushes.

BTW, happy birthday.


Thanks Eddie


I actually do use the quick bolus all the time. I tend to keep it clipped to the center of my chest on my bra, which is really handy most of the time. But in public, it’s just not decent to go fishing it out. I love that I can just push the button a few times and away it goes. It sounds intimidating when you’re new to the pump, but it gives enough feedback that really isn’t a problem at all.


Do you use the quick bolus for BG or food or both (or anything else)?


Mostly for food. I have mine set to 0.5 units per click, so if I grab a banana on the go I know I need three clicks. Obviously if I were being a perfect diabetic I would test my sugar and weigh the banana and consult MyFitnessPal to calculate the exact number of carbs, then enter all the data and let the pump calculate the exact amount of insulin for me… That’s a lot of time for a banana! I just don’t always have the time to let my diabetes rule my life. The quick bolus has been a lifesaver when I’m busy. I wish I had a cgm, but can’t afford it, so I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing where my BG is. I’ve definitely used the quick bolus when I felt the sugar rising, too.


I use the quick bolus about 80% of the time. I have mine set for every button press to equal 2g of carbs. That way, I still get the precise insulin dosing (I’m quite sensitive) for food. I only look at my screen when I need to do a correction that’s not easy to mentally calculate.

It’s the feature I was least interested in, but now use the most! At times I use it to be discreet, but mostly I use it out of sheer laziness.


Gary, if memory serves me, some years ago you mentioned that you have the federal BC/CS. Do I remember this correctly? The question discussed concerned what happens after retiring, what benefits would be available? Please let me know if this is correct because, if so, I have a question.




I have BCBS of Texas, that is administered by BCBS of Tennessee. I don’t know if they are the same as BCBS federal


Did you ever have fed BC/BS? When you got you T-FLEX, did you have Medicare as primary with BC/BS as secondary. I have BC/BS of California as secondary, Medical is primary. The Calif BC/BS originated with fed BC/BS.

I am having problem getting the Tslim XS, but the problem is not the insurance. I was on a three way conference call with BC/BS, and Solara. My insurance will totally pay for the pump, even for Type 2, but need denial letter from Medicare to Solara. Solara will not send my info to Medicare because I would be denied by Medicare(Type 2). So, I am curious if you had any problems getting T-FLEX.


BCBS of Texas is my primary insurance. I am not yet old enough go to be on Medicare.

It was no problem for me to get my pump but I did not have to deal Medicare. Sorry I can’t be more help.