My Endo wants me to start pumping

is there a website for the insulin pump Ping? who makes it? and its made by animas its called the one touch ping

If you get the pump you’ll wonder what took you so long. I spent 40 years injecting before pumping and have been pumping now for almost 12 years…by the way I was in my 50s when I started pumping.

i will look at it now thanks…

me too,i am 50 now…that is good to know
but does the pump get in the way with activities like exercising, dancing does it bother your spouses?

i go to the gym and it doesnt get in the way… i dont dance! lol but yea as far as sex goes it doesnt get in the way you just disconnect it for alittle…

thats good to know! how long can it be disconnected without causing sugar problems?

well… i disconnect it for 15 or 20 min when i shower and it does no harm but you can just keep it off for a hour the bolus the basal rate for a hour…

I seldom have trouble with the pump even thought the tubing can be annoying. I switched about 4 years ago after 25 years of not pumping and at least 5 of avoiding it.

The tubing is easy enough to tuck in my waistband, etc. I guess there is a new one with no tubing, too, right? I am sure someone on here has one and will mention it. I don’t mind the tubing, though, because I can move it around on my waist, sleeve, etc, if I want to for sleeping or bathing.

I would never go back.

If you are thinking about the pump, think about CGM, too. I have had immensely better control with the CGM and pump. You can see where you are all the time (true, the CGM isn’t 100% accurate, but it shows if you are rising or falling) and the CGM can also predict highs and lows. That has helped an amazing amount for my control.

thanks,i will check that one out too…i

I HAVE abig decsion to make and i thank everyone here for their replies…dont know if i will switch yet,but in time i will know more about the pump sysytems,thanks again! :}

another referral heh if your going CGM go with Dexcom… not freestlye or MM…

hey Brian- why levemir? i use humalog still with the ping. conrats on the ping by the way. sounds like you’re going to get it!?

guess i don’t know what levemir is because a lot of people agree about levemir ???

Levemir is a basal insulin. Not one you’d use with a pump.

man i wished my dr was on board and want me to use the pump. They are trying hard for me NOT to go on it. I say go on it as I’ve heard it changed a lot of diabetics lives. The pumps have changed from what I’ve heard from other pumpers. They do have a pump out there where you can tape the tubing to you. So in other words, it wont be in the way. Plus I’ve learned there is different lengths of tubing as well.

if your doctor isnt on board then i suggest switching doctors cause any doctor that isnt in favor of you getting the pump wants your “business” he dont care about your health!!

Amy there are also patch pumps which have no tubing.

what pumps are those and how do they work?

There is the omnipod which is tubeless, there is medtronic revel pump, there is the animas pump. I am sure there are others out there but those are the ones I’ve heard the most about