My Evening With Andre

Last night, I went to an Andre Rieu concert, and had an absolutely wonderful evening. If you don’t know who AR is, I can’t really do him (or his and his orchestra’s performances) justice by my own descriptions, so I direct you to his Wikipedia entry. I’ll just say that the evenings are full of wonderful music, brilliant voices, and most of all, FUN, of the old-fashioned, sentimental and, yes, schmaltzy kind - but believe me, it’s good schmaltz :wink: And about six encores, with the entire audience on its feet screaming “more, more!”

I’d never been to the Nokia Theater at LA Live, and was very favorably impressed. Roomy lobby, lots of ushers and info people milling about, huge snack bars, lots of restrooms, lol, and comfortable seats with nice leg room. Doesn’t get much better than that, for a theater. Outside, after the performance, the area really did feel “alive” - full of people, neon and excitement.

I had a great dinner beforehand at RocknFish, one of the restaurants at LA Live (there are several, including a Wolfgang Puck’s) - lobster (YUM!).

For those interested in photos:

Andre Rieu…my " old " country man . We went to his show in Vancouver, BC, Canada a couple of days before I went to visit the Netherlands , 2006 on my way to Rome and do a maratho with Team Diabetes Canada …thoroughly loved the event …lots of old country Dutchies in the audience .The Netherlands folk in those days not too crazy about him , however they have caught on and today probably are his best cheerer -onners.

I always had the impression he was popular in Europe long before he caught on here. He certainly seems to love his country, and his hometown.

He has done shows in his hometown of Maastricht too ( possibly the oldest city in the Netherlands ) . I think you are correct …he was popular in Europe, except not in the Netherlands at the time.Am so pleased to read, that you had a wonderful time .

It was wonderful - a very typical one of his concerts, with lots of fun and great music. I have seen all of his PBS programs, but the Vienna one, I’ve seen probably a dozen times :wink: