My Eyes, Your Hands

Everything has been going very well with me lately. My heart is healthy, I think I won't be having anymore eye surgeries for a long while, my depression has evaporated, I will be under the care of an endocrinologist again soon. Things are looking up. So why did I have this disturbing dream last night?

The dream was very amusing after the fact, as you will read, but the feelings I had during it were feelings of anxiety and even a bit of fear.

Let me give you some context here first. I have had four surgeries on my right eye in the past five months to save my sight from the ravages of untreated and advanced diabetic retinopathy. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for my eye doctor, he has worked tirelessly to do all that he can to clean up my diseased eye. So now you know where I am coming from with such an odd dream.

My eye doctor informs me that I need another eye surgery. So here I am in the operating room, strapped down in the usual position. In this dream my perspective is that of looking down on the scene (out of body), so I am observing the operating room from above it all.

Dr. Hunter is apparently in a very happy mood and is eager to get started. He goes right in and pops both my eyes right out of their sockets and begins to juggle and play with them excitedly.

"Look at this!" He chirps to his assistant as he tosses my eyes in the air and catches them behind his back.

"I love operating on you, it's so much fun!" He tells me as he and his assistant play catch with my eyes.

"I'm so glad I can bring you fun and joy, but I would really like to have my eyes back now." I say nervously.

"Don't worry, hon, your eyes are in good hands." He says as he holds his hands out to me to show that my eyes are literally in his hands.

The room erupts into laughter.

About this time I wake up.

Scary & Funny

Wow is the word, all right. :)