My family history of D

When I was diagnosed, the only other person I knew of in my family with D was my paternal grandfather. All I knew about it was that he took insulin, and had to have a sandwich before going to bed.

After my parents got divorced, I lost touch with my dad’s side of the family. I recently found some of my cousins on Facebook, and added them as “friends”. This morning I had a bit of a brainwave - I sent them a message asking if they knew of anyone else in the family with D. Apparently one of my cousins was recently diagnosed with it too, although I’m not sure what type.

I emailed my mom to tell her, and she told me that both of my grandfather’s brothers had D, and that two of my cousins in Canada had it too. Again, I don’t know the type, although I would guess it’s Type 2 given the familial nature of it. Talk about a family history!

It’s funny, that this morning I woke up thinking there wasn’t a particularly strong genetic history of D, and now I know that there is a rather strong one. It’s been quite a morning.

Family history is always helping me to know the type of diabetes if I have no facilities to do the proper tests.Yesterday I had a 12 y old girl,diabetic,negative antibodies,parents are double first cousins,with diabetes in three generation,diagnosed at early age,on insulin ( MODY?),and other members are diabetics on oral medications.


Were your relatives with diabetes not obese?

If so with that family history, and the stuff you are going through with your insulin, you need to find an endocrinologist who knows about MODY, because you might very well have that form of Type 1.5.

It’s a ■■■■■ to diagnose and it would explain the dramatic response to 2 units of basal insulin. I have that, and most of my doctors have acted like I was nuts, but I’m not. I have MODY.

With more common forms of MODY you have little or no post-meal insulin production but normal or near normal fasting blood sugar production. And you are extremely sensitive to small doses of insulin.

If you haven’t read my page on MODY it is at

I spent years being treated as a borderline nut because my doctors had never seen the kinds of responses I had to drugs or insulin. Fortunately, when I corresponded with the authorities on MODY they confirmed my lifelong history was classic for it.

Some doctors believe your parent has to have MODY for you to have it, but recent research has found people can carry the gene and only have pre-diabetes, often not diagnosed.

Wishing you a speedy and accurate diagnosis!

My brother was diagnosed with type 2 five years ago, now I have been also as well as two more of my sisters. My parents are not diabetic. I assumed my obese maternal grandparents were diabetic, but they were not. It was my normal weight paternal grandmother. My parents hadn’t told us either. When I pushed my Mom a bit harder she remembered that one of my maternal great aunts had been diabetic also. It was on both sides, but we never knew it. My brother is obese and my sisters are heavy, but I was only 10 pounds above normal weight. Now I am where I should be, but I am still diabetic. I don’t feel alone, as you did, but I find it incredible that 4 out of 5 of us turned up diabetic. Our American diet is killing us, and most of the population doesn’t know it because the MDs and Dietitians are still harping on low fat.

My newly diagnosed cousin is fit and thin. I don’t recall my grandfather ever being overweight.