My favorite number

Everyone always asks you "what is your favorite number?" For whatever reason, mine has always been six. Today I realized how much I truly love that number.

Last night I tested my son at 2:30am. I had changed his basal rate was I was expecting him to be either in range or high. I was figuring on the high because we only seem to have readings fall into one category or the other--high or low. I was happy to see that he was 6mmol (100) and headed back to bed with a smile on my face.

This morning I began to think about numbers. A high (anything over 12 in my world) causes a groan--hormones are raging or we miscalculated a bolus and I am a bad pancreas. A higher high--something over 16 (290) causes a slightly larger reaction--CRAP! What is wrong? Did we forget a bolus? Is the site in? Is the insulin bad? Is there air in the tubing? Will this correction work or should I inject? Crap!

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