My First Accident.... sigh... next?

I went outside to roll the car windows up and decided to move it to a different spot .
I looked to my left down the driveway… saw nothing. Focused on the tree that I wanted to back around and got hit by the mail lady… or as the officer says… I hit the mail lady . So it’s my fault. I really didn’t need this. The kids were at the window and saw her driving down the drive way really fast and they say she hit me… Anyway, I guess our insurance will go up:(
My neck hurts; but no dr ins. so wont be doing anything about that.
Meanwhile the registered mail that she was coming to get me to sign for was not good news. It’s about my son that is in fostercare now. We will be going to court. This is so crappy.

August 2, 2008
I just got an email from our court appointed atty… He has been removed from our case. We will supposedly get another atty. I dont know what is going on. This is so weird.

Sorry to hear about this rough day…

Cripe. I understand about the court thing, though my issues don’t have anything to do with children (mine or anyone else’s).

Honey just hold on something will happen for the better maybe!!! I too have felt like the whole world in the last 6 months (well the last 2 years) has been out to get me!!! Do what I do hold on tight!!! You never know what’s going to happen next!!!

sigh… at least I made a payment for the car ins that morning. ugh.
Life is so strange.

HA! Now (sorry) That’s funny!!!Well thank God your insurance was paid up!!!

I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to be a smarty but it just sounds like my luck here lately!!

LOL! you goose! I know. I’m just glad we were “covered” when it happened.
Life has so many bumps too it lately. (normally, it’s my husband that has the accidents!) He had a great one the that year we got married! totaled the car. ( pretty car too!:frowning: We’ll be married 7 years this November.)
I guess it was my turn. Somehow, I know things will work out. It’s just a rough road right now.