My first day on Tudiabetes! Yaaay!

Hello everyone. Im Tookie and today is my first day on Tudiabetes. I am a type 1 diabetic. I had a major surgery in 2009. They found a mass in my stomach and removed it with my spleen, gall bladder, and the tail bone of my pancreas.Two months afterwards is when i devoloped diabetes. I was on the Glucophage pills and two months later i found out i was pregnant. Yea i know lol. So of course they put me on insulin. My blood sugar was a little rocky, ranging from 189 to 250 until my third trimester where it would range from 400 to 595. Unbelievable! I stayed in the hospital for an entire week. Thank God it didnt harm my baby in any way. He's perfectly healthy. Now i am still suffering from high blood sugars. Its a little difficult to catch on to this life style. Any advice on ANYTHING that would help me take control would be greatly appreciated.


WELCOME & CONGRADS!!! All I can reallt tell u is to exercise for about 30 minutes a day (yeah like a baby don't make u exercise lol) and to count ur carbs. Good luck!

Glad you are here! To be honest, nobody really wants to be here, but welcome. Hear anything you wanna talk about. :) SHOUT IT OUT!

You are in the right place for good tips! My “simple” tip is to read “Think Like a Pancreas” as it’s a good “manual” that sort of puts everything in what I found to be really accessable book. Take notes while you read it, as it’s a really handy resource for figuring out where you want to be and how to get there.

Hi There Tookie. Welcome to TuD. There is much for you to learn but take it slowly, so that you won't feel too overwhelmed and then end up giving up. Talking to your Dr.(Endo)/Certified Diabetes Educator(CDE) and your Dietician are important first steps. You need to learn to carb count, learn what your individual Insulin to carb ratio(I:C) is and about basal testing which concerns your long-acting Insulin(Lantus and Levemir....I presume that you are not on NPH Insulin).

Some People do the low-carb diet. I consume small portions of each food and some low-carb AND self-discipline concerning "other" foods, most of the time. I drink my 6-8 glasses of water daily, exercise, testing my blood sugar usually 7-10 times a day. I watch a funny show at least once a day. Laughter helps a lot. I try not to stress much. Things will get Better. That's some of it. Yours will differ. I'm thinking all of your answers are on TuD with Good People to help you out.

Here are lots of Great tips that may help you too. Just click on the blue links.

A Big Congratulations to you and your Hubby on the arrival of your healthy Baby Boy. Wonderful!! :)

And visit your dentist regularly. Proper dental care is especially important for PWD(People With Diabetes).

Welcome. That is an interesting story. To us, it really doesn't matter what brought you here to us, we are just happy you found us.

Wow, welcome! There is tons of good advice here, and lots of us have been dealing with T1D for the majority of our lives so are very "educated" as to what works and what doesn't. You can probably learn a lot just reading through all the old posts on here.

Some tips -

First, do you have an endo who you like? An endocrinologist is not going to have the answers to everything, but a good endo will ensure that you have access to the tools you need.

Second, how are you treating yourself now? Many type 1s have found the insulin pump to be a great tool. If you don't have one, look into at least giving it a try. You may find that it's not right for you, but you may also love it.

Third, be your own best advocate. You'll be dealing with this disease 24/7 and you're going to know when something isn't working. Go with your gut and if something is wrong, fix it or get help from someone to fix it.

Fourth, read, read, read! "Think Like a Pancreas" is a must. Get it and read it if you haven't already. If you're interested in the pump, read "Pumping Insulin." Read these books multiple times.

Fifth, keep in mind that living with T1D is accepting some level of imperfection. It's a hard disease to "control" and there are going to be days that you feel like you're failing miserably. You've gotta not let it get to you. Just start clean the next hour or day and move on.

And one more thing - if you have a question, ASK IT HERE!! There are so many wonderful people on this board and you'll get a quick reply.