My first diabetics a1c results and finished my ironman ride!

Well i got them back! Diagnosed on the 10/1/2012 at 10.2%. As of 1/5 i am now 5.7%. I read below 6.5% is good? if so im happy with that considering i do have to spike myself for exercise alot. Did a liver function, thyroid test as well as cholesterol. All checked out good, the only thing i have written down though is cholesterol. 4.2%, LDL=2.6 HDL = 1.1. Doctor said all is well. Have to meet my endo this arvo to talk about the results.

I also completed the half ironman on the weekend (well as a team, my mate swam, i rode and my other friend ran). Over 90kms i had to test on my tri bars on the bike, that was interesting! Wasnt going to stop, no way!. But started the race at 7.5, maintained that with a hell of alot of chews, chomps, powerade and gels over 90kms. Finished on 7 but quickly overshot back up to 10. I didnt inject because i thought it may come down fairly quickly. Well it took about an hour and a half but went to 6mmols. Keen to do the whole race next year by myself, but the swim makes me nervous with my blood sugar!

That's great! No question mark needed! I ran a 1/2 marathon today and had a good time until the end of it. It was one of the warmer runs so far this year and there were more hills than usual so it was hard.

By tri bars, do you mean those aero bar things? I'm always intrigued by the notion of bending over the bike more but like having my fingers on the brakes?

Well done - congrats on the test result and completing the race!

yep, the aero bar thingys. You learn to come off the bars and sit up a little bit when you need to break dont worry about that!
Hills will always slow ya down, as will the heat, but a half marathon is nothing to sneeze at!

empowering, empowering, empowering :) ...thanks for sharing timmy .

Grats on everything! All great accomplishments.

I'm in awe of you guys! TuD has its own superheroes.

I say WOW! and congrats on everything, is very inspiring to see ppl so put together :)
Umm, yeah I can see how the swimming can make u nervous, testing underwater is not doable but maybe mastering swimming with power gels in your mouth or a beer helmet full of juice, lol

Someday I'll be able to play a whole Volleyball game again without going low :/