My first night using a CGMS

Yesterday I went for my CGMS training. My husband Pete and I met with the nurse practitioner/certified diabetes educator. She helped Pete insert the sensor into my hip and while we waited for it to get “wet” we got the pump set up for the sensor/transmitter. Pete then attached transmitter and after a few minutes, the pump seemed to notice there was something being beamed to it. We went on our merry way home.
I calibrated about 2 hours later, watched some TV and drifted off to sleep after checking the pumps display about a million times.

Being pregnant, I am getting up a few times a night to run to the bathroom with a full bladder. Last night was no exception. I of course proceeded to rip the sensor out at around 11:30 last night when I pulled my pants down. So much for it lasting 6 days! So we got another stupid $35 sensor out of the box and I managed to successfully insert the stupid thing into my belly. Doesn’t hurt too much going in. (It is freaking scary looking though… big thick needle!) and although it’s a bit sore today, it seems to be working well… unfortunately last night it kept thinking I was low when I wasn’t so it was waking me up every hour! Pete and I have decided its good practice before the baby comes.
In hindsight, I should have recalibrated it or I should have turned off the alarm. But I was sleepy and not thinking straight. Of course it was still telling me I was low this morning but sick of the alarm, I kept ignoring it… turned out I WAS low! Good lord this thing has a learning curve. But it seems to be spot on now. On my way to work. I stopped for McDonalds for breakfast (I know, not healthy at all but I caved into the craving!) I took enough insulin to put a small camel in a coma and watched to see how my sugar reacts to the bad fatty high carb food. After an hour I topped out at 180 and am now gently coming back down to something more respectable. I can’t wait to see what pizza does!

I know the technology isn’t perfect. I set my expectations for accuracy pretty low… But I have to say despite the crazy night last night, I am already loving being more of a cyborg!

Hopefully, tonight will be a better night.

My cgm will be here on monday I am looking forward to trying it out