My first ride

I took my new bike out for its' first ride today. Some friends and I rode 23 miles through historic Lexington/Concord/Bedford and finished at Bertucci's for a lunch of salad and pasta. With the pump I was able to set a temp basal and managed to maintain my blood sugar between 100-150 throughout the ride. I can't even begin to say how happy this makes me. I fashioned a pretty good bike mount for my dexcom receiver so it was easy to see where my blood sugar was and where it was heading at any time.

Cool mount! How did it perform going over some bumps in the road? Could you see it in the sunshine and through your sunglasses?

It's so great to be able to track BGs when exercising. How soon in advance of your cycling did you set the temp basal? Did you cut it back very far, like -50%?

Cycling is so much fun; I should give it a go again.

I can understand how happy you are to stay within your range when exercising! Every time I come back from a fast walk with my numbers in range it is SO much more enjoyable! Congrats!

Way to go

Thanks - the mount performed really well and the G4 didn't move over the bumps - which were few and far between thankfully. It was a pretty cloudy day and staying in range kept the numbers white and easy to read. I used a 5 hour temp basal and dialed it back 75% starting an hour before the ride.

Nice Clare. You seem to really love the pink kit! Seems you decided against the Speedplay's? mind me asking how come?

That is great! 23 miles.. I'm impressed... I could NEVER do that, lol :)

Nya - when I got fitted for the bike and tried to get in and out of the Speedplays I was having too much trouble. The shimanos were a lot easier and if I decide somewhere along the way that I want to change over the bike shop is more than happy to swap them out for me. I have to say the shoes are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Next piece of kit I'm getting is a bike computer but for now I just ride with people who have them so I can track the rides. I'm thinking if I mention it to hubby he'll make it my anniversary present or something.

Good Job! Keep it up.

Highly recommend the Garmin ones for bike computers...ok pricey, but if you shop around for a NOH (Garmin speak for it being as new but really a refurb with full warranty) version, but do come with huge discounts. So gives a lot more data (sadly no ones tied it and a BG meter together (yet) though) for your rides like heart, cadence, climbs, calories burned etc. And you know what us D's are like for data hehe.

Been looking at the Shimano's myself at the moment. Currently use the 4 way entry smaller versions than the single sided, but am probably going that way when I finish building NF.

Enjoy the rides :)

Both friends have Garmins and that is most likely the kind I will be getting. The shimanos are really nice definitely worth the investment and no wasted energy, every movement propels the bike. I can see that being really useful for the super long rides.

Clare dialing up 21 miles is super cool, what a great first run you go girl. I really like the Garmin computers and after having different kinds over the years I like the Garmin best.

Thanks rick, I agree Garmin seems to have the best features and stuff I will actually use. I'm going to suggest Jordan buy me a present.

What model of the garmin is good?