My first six months of pumping- in a nut shell

I absolutely love pumping and I’m so glad that I got a minimed. I love how I don’t, for the most part, have to do the math (I’m not exactly an A+ math student, you know). I can go out with my friends and not worry about having to give myself a shot in public. I don’t have to worry about keeping the insulin cold (I keep mine refrigerated). If I wanna exercise but don’t feel like worrying about a snack I can reduce, temporarily, my basils. It all takes just a few pushing of buttons. And yes sometimes it can be inconvienient. Like when I was trying to figure out where it was going to go while I was wearing a prom dress. Or when I don’t exactly want it to be seen (I don’t care when it is seen, I’m just saying). But to me, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s. I don’t have to worry about "Did I remember to take my Lantus today?"
I don’t have to take 4+ shots a day. I don’t even have to log my info because all I have to do is upload my pump and it does it for me. I can go out and not have to worry if I stop for lunch or any other meal, that oops I left my insulin at home. I don’t have to worry about the odd look I get when I’m out at the mall and it is time for a shot.
I would so recommend pumping to anyone who requires insulin. I love it. I really do. And I realize how lucky I am to even be able to pump. How lucky I am that my insurance approved the pump, no fighting required.
I guess I don’t think about it, but really I’m greatful that we even have insulin pumps.