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I read this article in the Mail this afternoon - scary stuff!

I knw Catherine just saw it and it made me cry the poor lady was doing so well in her career as well.

Yikes. What terrible bad luck, to have such a gift – and the will, determination and years of hard work to perfect her skill as a ballerina – just to have the monkey of T1 thrown onto her young back. There are hundreds who dream of being in a major ballet company, but only a few are chosen. I can completely understand how hard it would have been for her – at 19 – to walk away from her chosen career after training hard for more than a decade. So sad. Now she’s paying a horrible price.

That is very sad. I had to wonder though why they removed her heel and did not do any kind of foot reconstruction, especially since they are saying that the bone will splinter and eventually need removed. I had my foot reconstruction done in 2006 and she had her heel removed in 2007 (if I recall correctly).