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I heard from one of our other members in St Louis that he was about to vacc. Congrats, MO!!! Well done. :heart: :balloon: :heart: :balloon:

Ooooh, yeah, that’s a large segment of the population @Baddog40. We have a bunch of members in CO. Do you guys have a lot of food manufacturing plants in CO? That was taking outstate MN for a ride for a while - all the turkey processing plants and stuff. Those were covid coffins. I wonder what people in the mines are doing? Do people still go down into the mines or just machines?

MD is at phase 1c, which explicitly incudes T1 & 2 (and other conditions), but requires hospital based treatment, including outpatient. I’m not sure what that means for diabetes. Something like a chemo cycle obviously counts. But what is analogous w/diabetes?My endo’s practice is a clinic associated with a Medstar public hospital. Does that count? I think probaby not.

Also, one needs to provide some level of documention. If you don’t bring it, then you have to sign an affidavit, under penality of purgery. I’d guess smoking is one of the most common lies people use to jump the line.

As far as “rewarding smokers,” let’s not blame the vic. Nicotine is arguably more addictive than heroine, and far less stigmatized. Most smokers want to quit and would love to be free of it’s health effects and how it controls their lives.

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MD is a mess. I plan to wait until there is more vaccine available and it’s easier to get. I don’t have the time or the will to put in the effort needed at this point.

My doctor sent out an email that they do not have vaccine and are not maintaining a waiting list.

It’s frustrating, but things will get better.

Every state has their own program and many of them differ slightly

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My wife has an appointment this week for her vaccination. Tennessee is in phase 1b which includes person 65 and older, she has just turned 65. I am 64, I will not be eligible until phase 1c, which includes age 55+ and anyone 16+ with serious health conditions. I will be eligible due to age and health condition. I hope this happen sometime in March.

From reading Tennessee’s phase 1c requirement I have learned that they do not differentiate diabetics by type but there are qualifiers. You must be 16yrs or older and you must require medication to control your diabetes.

The way I read it, this includes virtually all Type 1s 16yrs and older and excludes any Type 2 controlling with diet and exercise only.


Part of what is confusing is each state is making its own rules. Here in Hawaii, group 1c does not include type 1, and they’ve not even started that group yet. It seems like it could be months still before many of us will have the chance to get the vaccine…

Hopefully there will be more vaccines coming soon! There have been major delays in getting doses here on Maui, with only 8% of the population vaccinated so far.

Each county in Hawaii has different rules, or maybe the same rules they aren’t following. The over 75 year old group isn’t even completed yet.

I’m in NY and as of last week both T1 and T2 became eligible. I immediately started searching for sites but not a single place on any list I found, both state, drugstore, city (I’m in NYC) or hospital had any appointments available. On one hospital site they actually had a form to fill out and when I was done it said Sorry, no appointments available. It did ask if I wanted to keep my info on file so I said yes and on Tuesday I got a call. They said they have appointments open for today (Thursday 2/25) so I will be going in later this morning.


Thank you for posting this! I also have been trying to contact ADA to get the latest update. It sounds as if the T1/T2 distinction exists in some states, and not in others, and that the category of “higher risk” individuals is prioritized differently depending on what state you live in. I guess we should just watch the CDC website for any changes. It’s definitely stressful, though - it would be easier just to have clear, consistent guidelines.


My wife received her 1st vaccine yesterday, she asked when I would be able to get mine. She was told that with my comorbidities I was eligible now. That’s not quite they way I have interpreted the rules, but then government rules can be confusing. I am not going to argue. I have an appointment tomorrow.


Have you tried to find website specific to your state?
That’s how I found best local info. I became eligible last week, but my appt is in late March, earliest they had when I searched from state website and set up appt.

This is another great website you can use to find who has vaccine in the US, at which location. Everything moves do fast that the site is not infallible but you can certainly see trends in your area for who is getting vaccine on a regular basis.

The other thing, if you want to bump yourself up the list, is to put on your form that you have 2 comorbidities or one of the other priority categories listed. The only thing that I am aware of that the vaccination centers may check is your date of birth and your address to make sure you fit into their guidelines of who they serve, as some ask for your drivers license (not where I went). I got my first Moderna shot today and although I do have diabetes + 2 comorbidities, they did not ask me for any medical records or proof of anything.


OMG, Gary’s getting close. Its so exciting! He’s like a greyhound tearing towards the finish line! Excellent news indeed.

I’m starting to identify little sink holes of healthcare where people are totally left out. We have an 83 year old here who lives on his own and is pretty healthy. They are vacc-ing 65+, now, but he can’t get in. Everyone else in his age priority that I know has been vacced.

From what I can gather, its because he sees a Doc in a really small clinic that is not part of one of the large hospital networks. They have no vacc.

I told his son to call the VA because my 69 year old buddy called and got it within a week while he was attending another unrelated office visit. Even though the 83 year old is a vet, he can’t get in because he has not established care with the VA. His Doc is somewhere else. So, I’m telling his son to establish care at the VA. I dont know what else to try.

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MM1, yes, I’ve been monitoring our state (Oregon) and county websites, and pre-registered on my county website several weeks ago. Just TODAY, Feb. 26th, they finally set a date in Oregon of MARCH 29th for the “Adults 45-64 with one or more underlying conditions with increased risk.”
However, when I check the list of underlying conditions, it still only lists Type 2 diabetes. Can someone tell me what the best way is to help advocate for and track progress on Type 1 being added? I know the American Diabetes Association is working hard on this issue, but I don’t have a clue about how well it’s going.
Thanks for any info you can share.

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In Utah diabetics with an A1c greater than 9. The health care community is pushing for lower hospitalization rates. We are over 75 and got our first shot yesterday and a second appointment. We ended up with the Pfizer one.


maybe retail pharmacies or senior advocacy groups or senior residential places.

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Are they required to bring their records for proof?

Call some hospital that have specialized diabetes center and see what they say.

No, they do need a doctor’s note. It’s on the honor system.