My girls

So just to start this whole thing out a little more about me and my family. My husband and I have 4 girls 11,9,6,5 and they are all amazing!! Our youngest, Whitlee was diagnosed with T1 a little over a year ago and this has changed our family in ways that before we unimaginable. Looking back at my lack of knowledge and hate of anything to do with a needle/blood ect. before it amazes me that we made it past the first week. But we have and we are all better people and a stronger family because of it. It was such a shock when she was diagnosed because we don’t know of anyone in either of our families who has T1. So here we are and I feel like I got things under control just as I realize I am actually clueless!! I have also realized that unless people deal with this disease they are truly clueless and it is hard to find support that at times I desperately need. So I hope that this help I can find support and help that has been missing up until this point.