My Hate Video

Here is the list of things I hate this week. You’ll have to imagine the video part.

1. Having had to cook a double batch of cookies for Oneg Shabbat on Friday and not even being able to eat even ONE. I was already at 144 gm carb for the day, which is way too many.

2. Having to take a child trick-or-treating when I love candy but I’m not going to eat any candy, dammit.

3. Going out for pizza with my family and having to eat a salad while everyone else was eating pizza.

4. The idea of sitting through a middle-school football game this weekend.

5. Not being able to turn on the television without being barraged with political prognostications.

6. Back-to-back two-hour meetings on Friday.

7. Phone calls from stressed-out siblings wanting to share their stress with me.

8. Clothes dryers that can’t seem to dry the clothes in a single dry cycle.


For your dryer problem, have you checked the vent on the outside of your house? I ask because in the spring, my dryer hose came down and I called my brother to see if he would put it back up because it attaches at the ceiling. My dryer had been taking forever to dry. I had the dog out before he came and my neighbor mentioned her drying taking forever and when she cleaned that vent, it starting working right again. I asked my brother to check that and he got all the lint out and my dryer was like new again. My sister & her husband said they clean theirs out regularly so I am keeping it clean now. When I Googled that, I found that is actually a reason a lot of people place service calls for their dryer. We clean the lint out of the dryer itself but I never thought about cleaning the vent to the outside.

Aw I feel for you…

  1. You can make your cookies diabetic. As Judith said, Gerri’s got your hook up. :slight_smile:

  2. Hey, at least you are GOING trick or treating - that alone is fun. No one wants to do anything this Halloween so I am missing out. I am bummed. My favorite holiday. I think I will watch the marathon on the Chiller channel instead.

  3. You can still have some pizza - just can’t pig out on it. I am having some tonight as a matter of fact! True it is one of those plan ahead meals. When my pre-din number is low, I know I can go for it.

  4. I hate football too. I empathize with you on that one too. You could pay me to sit through one.

  5. This is why I don’t look at normal TV stations. Movies only for me. Except Project Runway on Thrusdays!

  6. I am slightly jealous of your six because I don’t have a job. I think just to have a job I would be happy to sit through some long meetings.

  7. I don’t have to deal with this. But I do often feel that I help others quite abit but never get anything in return. No one cares to listen to my pain (except on here)

  8. I crank that sucker up high and let it dry for two hours if I have too. Nothing nicer than warm dry clothes. :slight_smile:

My hate video is pretty much the same lately everyday:

  1. I hate that I have no job.
  2. I hate that I have no money.
  3. I hate that I have no medical insurance.
  4. I hate that I have to restrict my diet.
  5. I hate that I tend to attract friend/lovers of the self centered variety and can’t find many dependable people.
  6. I hate the fact that I had to move back in with my parents because of the damn economy.
  7. I hate the fact that I lost too much weight after dx and none my clothes fit me anymore and I can’t afford to buy new ones right now.
  8. I hate the fact that I can rarely go out and enjoy some of the thing I like to do because I have no money.

This isn’t a weekly list - this is daily and it hasn’t changed for many, many months. If I could get a job, I could burn half the list. We all have our “I hates”. Don’t worry.

MMM, thanks guys. We did check the dryer vent. It could be the thermostat tho. I am sorry so many other people are dealing with hardships that are a lot more meaningful than mine! Lots, do you have plantar fasciitis? I’ve had that before, and it was hard to walk. I need to try to make some almond cookies, as I do have the flour. And KimKat, I hope you find something soon. At least from your posts, you write well and you seem really level-headed, just the kind of person a firm should want to hire.

I will think about making a love video sometime!

Kim, I don’t need to write cus that was my list, already. LOL But I will ADD… 1. When I tell people I have no job, how they lecture me on and on how to look for one, thinking I’m not doing enough, or that I’m somehow ignorant on it… Yes, me… The HR person… getting lectured by others on how to do my resume or find a job. lol

Liz, I didn’t know you were in HR. You would think it would easier for you. All those resumes to review now! I was confused why dont’ hire more HR people because so many people sending in so many resumes right now. I would think there would be tons of work - even if there are not many jobs to fill.

Speaking of jobs, I was watching that new show “The Fairy Jobmother” - interesting show but how in the world does she think she will be able to find jobs for all these people when there aren’t any jobs to be had. Big difference between people not looking for jobs and there being tons out there and people looking for jobs and not having any luck because there just aren’t any. People who still have jobs right now, don’t often get this you know? The show was obviously set up because of course the people got job offers in the end. And they got interviews right away - yeah, right, that is not reality right now. geez.

So many of the items on the list reflect the dependence of others on you, and perhaps you are finding that putting others always at a higher priority than yourself is stressful. One of my awakenings as a diabetic, much to the chagrin of my family, was that I decided I had to make myself a priority, not to the exclusions of others, but I could no longer just make my needs totally subservient to others.

So think about it. Maybe instead of a night out for pizza, it is time for you to choose where to eat and everyone else can just “adapt.” .

Hmm, that’s a good idea! Thanks, bsc.

If you crave pizza, you can make some Monkey Bread and make mini pizzas out of it or make a pizza with an omelet for a crust. For cookies or cake, just look at Meringue recipes. Substitute sugar substitutes for the sugar and you have 0 net carbs until you add other stuff. You can also make pie shells out of meringues. Check out these recipes and more under the group “Low Carb Recipe Swap”.