My hell

Not going to go into all the things that are wrong in my life…theres way to many
But the anxiety is getting horrible…
Anxiety that is un-needed.
Like right now, Im at work…not a thing to do there is no one to bother me and I can do what I please but I can feel the anxiety building. Im shakeing…and its not my bs -97 at the time being.
I hate it.
I don’t want to have another problem with the mounting stress of everything else…

Hi Jessie… sorry to hear about this. Talking out anxiety can often help…

Do you have something that you can do to help yourself calm down when you feel this anxiety? I’m sure it’s not easy to find a simple solution… but it’s good to find small things that can help you cope!

Have had the same issue, I usually do one or more of the following; turn on some great tunes, find someone and bother them profusely, destroy something cheap to replace, and remember that this is only temporary sanity and that you will be able to regain your normally insane self as soon as you are off work. There is no normalcy, and if there is, then there is no way that it could be enjoyable; so embrace the insanity and be happy! :slight_smile:

I understand anxiety, it creeps in at the oddest times and it doesn’t take much to set it off. When I start to feel panicked I usually take a step back and remind myself that I can only fix right now and to deal with tomorrow when it gets here. If think any further than that I 'll go nuts.

A couple of other things I do are have at least one person I can unload on (that doesn’t mind it) and I pray… A LOT!

Things will turn up for you!