My History

My name is Lolito Sero. I just joined and wish to share on the details of my diabetes problem.

* I'm a Filipino, male and 63 years of age.
* My diabetes problem only came to be known last 1997.
* Before that, I was just 68 kgs, quite skinny for a 5'8" guy. I was a 34 hears heavy smoker and
only and perhaps that's the reason why I don't have good eating appetite. The chance of having
not able to smoke for 4 days challenged me to quit and I succeeded.
* After quitting smoking, my appetite in eating increased and I was not able to control my food
intake. Seven months after, my weight increased to 90 kgs from previous 68. During this stage, I
had to many health problems >> T2 diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

My T2 diabetes history:

1997 - 2001 :
Range 180 - 220 mg/dl and I was taking "amaryl" 3xd. Without this maintenance medicine, my glucose level increases to 250 - 290mg/dl.

2001 - 2003 :
Medicine amaryl was discontinued and changed to Avandia.
Glucose level improved to range150 - 180 mg/dl.

2003 : I came across in the internet of an insulin called 'Lantus". It attracted me because it has a 24 hour effective cycle. I started using it from a dosage of 5 units x d, increased it by 2 units every 3-4 days until I was able to achieve 63 units x d, in about 4 - 5 months. By the way, during the course, a doctor advised I should use the Lantus and same time continue with the Avandia plus add "glucophage". These became my maintenance meds until 2009:
Lantus - 63 units 1xd (every before sleeping)
Avandia - 8 mg 1xd
Glucophage - 500mg 3xd (I think this is metformin)
At this dosage level, my glucose level (fasting) was 109 - 135 mg/dl and I was happy with this result.

2009 : Avandia was nowhere to be found so I was missing one medicine. After 3 months without Avandia, I had an infection in my left big toe - there was pus and blood underneath the nail. Doctors have me antibiotics but didn't help. I went to see an endocronologist and was told that the only cure will have to be to improve my glucose level (due to poor monitoring that time, it was on 130-160 mg/dl).
My medicines became:
Lantus - 63 mg/dl 1xd
Actos - 30mg 1xd (this is the replacement for the Avandia 8mg)
Glucophage - 850mg 3xd
Plus an antibiotic. after 2 weeks, the infection dried up until the nail peeled off and a new nail started growing. Whew.. I thought I was going to lose my big toe.

2011 (October) : I continue to monitor my glucose level (fasting) every 3 or 4 days and it so happened that it suddenly dropped to 58 - 71 mg/dl. I decided to stop taking Actos. Glucose level was still so low so I further decided to reduce Lantus by 2 units every 2 days until I reached 45 units.
With the following,
Lantus - 45 units 1xd
Glucophage - 850mg 3xd
these level maintained, glucose level now range 79 - 114 mg/dl. There may still be a need to reduce dosage but I believe I have to stay put at these for now.
By the way, before the glocose level dropped last October, I went on a strict diet since June - \
* restricted rice intake to one cup only ever meal.
* increased intake of fish, white meat, vegie and limit red meat.

This change benefited me. My cost of maintenance medicines reduced. I feel more healthy. My weight now is 82 kgs. Did the diet helped. Also one good thing is I can still eat my favorites like chocolates, ice cream, etc - but just not excessive.

I would welcome any comments. Thank you.

G'day and welcome.

Thank you for the detailed report. I often wonder about the difficulty of finding an appropriate diet for type 2 in the nations to the north of us here in Australia. For example:

* restricted rice intake to one cup only ever meal.

I found that rice is, for me, a forbidden food which I can include in my menu only in very small portion on rare occasions. I realise that would be very difficult in your region.

You have discovered something far too many type 2 diabetics never do: the food you eat is at the base of your blood glucose control regimen.

Congratulations on your improvements, and also on keeping that toe; I went through something similar but still have all ten :)

This is the technique I used to modify my own menu; possibly some of the ideas may help you fine-tune yours: Test, Review, Adjust

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter

Hi Alan,

Thanks your response. I completely agree on Test - Review - Adjust. It did help.

Take care.