My hole family has Diabetes

I have been having this illness for over 20 years,my mother has it my father, grandparents, on both sides uncles, aunts I can go on and on cousin.My next to the youngest sister has it,and just last month my brother found out he had it.His blood sugar was (600) and I just can't believe that my youngest sister found out 2 days a go that she has it her sugar was (597) they put her on pills but it has not went down it still 500 all of my sisters and brother has this illness... it is going to kill me...I hate having it I asked my doctor about the pump I hope that I will be able to get it to help my blood sugar somewhat.

sorry for your troubles. you all have to get control of this - especially your youngest sister what else are they doing to lower her blood sugars? this is not a death sentence. you can and will control this

Joe’s right…diabetes is not a death sentence. Instead it is the opportunity to take great care of yourself and others.