My insurance

My insurance will cover for 100 strips premonth But my dr will only write my prescription for me to test 2x a day. And if i get them thru my mail order drug program i can get 100 strips a month . But no matter what he wite my prescription for under 300 i still have to pay the same amount. What should i do. He is my family dr.And he says my diabetes is uncomplicated i had open heart surgury 14 yrs ago and have neuropathy in my feet"uncomplicated "

This is your primary care physician? Short of finding a different one, which I take it you don’t want to do, can you get a referral to an endocrinologist? It’s good to have one in your health care picture in any case.

Have you tried looking on Amazon…you may be able to buy enough strips at your copay cost to get buy?
My copay max is 120 dollars so I can buy 600 strips online and do not have to fiddle with my insurance
or my doctor…6+ strips a day.

I really don’t want to get a referral for him. He is in a family health group where him a other dr are in the same circle of dr. So one dr knows what the other dr are doing or are saying . It’s like they back each other up on what the other is saying right or wrong