My Interesting Life!XD

Well, my life story starts when I was back in Malaysia having an incredible time, living life to the fullest with my friends, family which consists of 2 younger brothers and my mum and dad. I was at the top of the world, happy, joyful and carefree like no other person. I was always happy with a smile(not really an incredible one,but nevertheless a smile) and always cheerful.
Friends knew how happy I was with my bubbling enthusiasm for life. I was incredibly happy until one day I started having a relationship with a person. Let’s just call this person X!!!(oooooooh,mysterious!!!)…XD!!!

Anyways,it turns out that X was a person who would have a relationship saying all those romantic stuff,saying “I love you forever” and stuff like that but never really meant it.Well, I didnt know that!!Nobody told me. So I started falling helplessly in love. Until I found out that X was a cheater!!!GASP(not in tests and stuff like that)!!!

I was heartbroken and broke up with X. I cried a lot that night and all the stupid stuff when your mad and sad.(Hey, that rhymes)!!!

I wanted to go away, to start anew. So when my mum suggested we move to New Zealand, I wanted to move, to leave my sad love life behind. SO in the month of January we were to move to Auckland,my two bros,my mum and I. My dad was to stay so that he could keep his job and send money over. I was delighted to move, to get away, to go on an adventure to the magical place of New Zealand!!!

New Zealand was where my mum and dad got married 20 years ago(ssshhhh,dont tell them I said it…hehehe…). So they got a bond with New Zealand. A holiday to New Zealand was having a holiday in paradise(especially when school wasn’t involve) where the beautiful streams flow abundantly from the top of glorious mountains that touch the heavens.
I was thrilled to move here in any case. So, the four of us said our goodbyes to friends,families, and my dog on my profile picture.(Isn’t he adorable!!!XD). We left with a sense of happiness and sense of grief, ready to embark on a whole new incredible journey that would change our lives forever!!!(Boy,was I ever right with that…)

To be continued…

Good luck, Hi. I wish good things for you (an no more cheaters) as you start a new path in your life.

I havent told the rest of my story…its there just waiting to be typed…

And the point is?? What has this got to do with diabetes?