My internet is driving me insane!

It’s nothing but trouble!
Ever since I moved to this apartment, my msn is constantly crashing as soon as I re-open a minimized chatwindow, the wireless connection takes ages and 1000 tries to connect. And there’s frequent problems with the network ports. It’s really driving me up the walls! I’ve tried everything I can think of, and asked a friend who’s a software developer. But still having problems. I’ve never had problems with my connection or msn like this before I moved here, and my flatmate doesn’t have any problems.
So should someone read this and know how to fix internet connections which is about as stable as a brittle diabetic, drop me a line!
All of a sudden I get the feared “page can not be found” when it all worked 2 seconds earlier!
And whatever you do if planning to buy a router… DON’T buy Netgear! Dlink is MUCH better!

Oh, and still no answers from the doctor… If I haven’t heard anything later this week, I’ll call the clinic.
Managed to work today without feeling too bad. Even set a new personal record! But when I was finally off for the day, I could barely stay awake… Guess you could call me a coffee dependant diabetic(?) right now LOL