My Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Bob and I am a diabetic - Type II. I was diagnosed in 2000 when I went in to have some kidney stones blasted. In the pre-op they took blood and urine and noticed sugar was high - and suggested I goto doctor. As it turned out I went on my birthday and received the worst birthday present ever! LOL

Anyway my passion is woodworking as you can probably tell from my pictures. I am self taught and really started woodworking as a hobby about 8 years ago. We built a new house and I staked claim to half the basement for some tool (which at the time I did not have), and things grew from there. I have made things from my chess set (and 4 others) to bird houses, table and chairs, cribs, rocking horse, candle stick holders, reciepe card holders, canes - geesh tons stuff. You just dont realize until you start lidting them like this - I could go on and on - but dont want to bore you - actually you probably stopped reading already - if not - THANK YOU!! LOL

I am married with children (no not Al Bundy), I have 2 boys - both married, and one grand child (hoping for more)! ha ha

Love animals - esp dogs. We had two a few years ago - Rascal a Golden we had to put to sleep at the age of 12, and Riley a Chocolate Lab died kinda unexpectedly while we were on vacation last year - he was also 12. We miss them dearly, but will not have another one due to our desire to travel more now. Maybe when our traveling is over we will get another - who knows!

I am in the computer field - Director of IT for our company. Been there for almost 20 years now. Have also taught at local college for about 5 years - again computer stuff - but have not taught in last hmmmm 3 years or so.

Anyway - thats me!

Welcome Bob! Good to get to know you! I hope that you will join in many of our discussions!