My Lab Reports...August, 2010

My lab report for August, 2010. I have always thought some members here might think I am a fake, and I cannot possibly have very good health after 65 years of type 1. I thought I would post these labs to show people who do not know me well that I do have good numbers.

My FBS was 35 according to the report, but it was 50 when I got back to the car. If I had actually been 35 my wife would have been feeding me glucose tabs. I did not feel so bad and was able to take care of myself. I know the lab report of 35 was incorrect.

My doctor always scribbles all over the report when he goes over them with me. Lol!

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Great lab work. 5.4! That’s fantastic. If you have labs like that as a matter of course, it’s no wonder your healthy. :slight_smile: Good job. I just clocked in with a 5.5 and my internist told me it was too low. I saw my endo the next week and he was impressed. I told him that Jenny had rained on my parade so I’d appreciate it if he would rave a bit. I did have to talk to him about some patterns I had noticed. He discussed some minor adjustments with me and I have to admit that this guy knows his stuff. No lows and I’m holding steady within range. That is great lab work.

Congratulations again Richard. You are my Inspiration. :slight_smile:

Your labs are great! I believe you. I have a low A1C too. When one works at it, it can be achieved! You must have strong willpower like me. :slight_smile:

I hope that when I am 65 year of D, do as good as you I will be! :slight_smile: (haha, Yoda quote)

(although I don’t like I will be alive in 65 years since I am already 41! :slight_smile: )

Wonderful! Celebrating your good news.

wow! so impressive!

Thank you good friends! Maybe I will post my Labs again in 2020!!!

I have never questioned your “D”. I’ll email you in the next few days. I want to do lunch soon.

Sounds good Ray! Looking forward to it.

I too never questioned your success, Richard. You seem like much too straightforward and sincere a person to make things up! And yes, you are a role model for many people who might feel hopeless or that severe complications are inevitable. I was diagnosed type 1 (LADA) at age 58 so I knew that the task ahead of me is nothing like what it is for young people who have so many more years to worry about accumulating complications. Than there is the busy and stressful lifestyles they have to fit their D management into compared to those of us with more free time. Then when I think about the limited resources you had for D management during the earlier years of your diagnosis…yep, I’m a big fan!

Thanks for posting, it gives other members, like me, a lot of encouragement.

Outstanding results, Richard!! Wish mine were as good as yours!

I wouldn’t be so sure that you weren’t 35. Both 35 and 50 are “too low” by any reasonable measure.

Back when I was running lots of hypos, I could get A1C’s in the mid-5’s, too.

Don’t ignore hypo awareness issues. They’ve been my bane for the past 5 to 10 years.

Not all hypos are the same. I’ve been unconscious and had my bg metered at 42 by the EMT’s before they gave me glucagon. I’ve also been conscious and walking around when the meter read 25. And I’ve also become befuddled by simple things when my bg’s were in the 50’s. All these numbers are too low.


Thank you Zoe, Pastelpainter, Angela and Tim! There is an explanation for my lab BG being lower than my meter. It is noted immediately below the “35” that the lab reported. I did not notice that until a CDE on another site pointed it out to me. I am going to start another discussion to elaborate on this.

As to why your 50 differed from the lab’s 35, I can’t completely discount what’s on the lab sheet, but unless there was some unusually long storage or transport time or high temperature with your blood sample I honestly don’t see that as being the explanation.

The real explanation can be found if you google “Clarke Error Grid”. Your pocket bg meter simply doesn’t have to be very accurate below 50 to be useful. Again, both 35 and 50 are too low.

Remember, you and me are T1 diabetics. We don’t have to resort to vaguely-possible-but-rare lab inaccuracies as an explanation for a goofy bg reading. We genuinely have goofy bg readings. BOTH 35 and 50 ARE TOO LOW.