My latest a1c is down to 6.6......but the OmniPod must go

Dear friends, it has been a while since my last post. Iv’e been working hard and it has paid off. I have increased muscle mass and my stamina is the best it has ever been. Through all this, my OmniPod system was there for me…until I became more active than these things can handle. Too many occlusions, because I don’t have enough adipose fat tissue to play with, and way too many bad pods. Though Insulet corp has been kind in replacing the bad pods, those were extra holes that I had to make on my body. Also, some of these supposed occlusions were, in my opinion, not supposed to happen when taking into account the site. The straw that pulverized the poor camels vertebrae was a recent incident. Last week I went for a little hike. My pod was on my leg and I had suspended the basal delivery for four hours. Perfect blood glucose readings throughout the trek. I had dinner and bolused that evening only to find my readings at 390 mg/dL two hours later. I smelled the insuling when I checked my pod! So I removed it and found that the cannula was bent and dribbling insulin onto my leg. It was just a hike, not a marathon or a karate match. The adhesive was on tight, but I guess physics got the best of the pod. All that walking made the cannula slip out. So, I’m in the market for another insulin pump.