My latest adventure in driving :p

I’m just thankful to be alive today.
I was driving up to Charlotte, NC for a one day seminar for Charlotte Mason methods.(homeschooling) We took off Friday morning. around 12:30 or so in the afternoon on I-26 we had a blowout going 70mph. We spun across three lanes. It was a miracle that the semi-truck was able to stop and not hit us. It was a very crowded stretch and no vehicles plowed into each other as we spun. There was a ditch about 20-30 feet down. As we spun, I saw that. The kids were screaming and I yelled out “God is in control” I told God I was not ready to die yet. I still have a lot of stuff to do. The next thing that happened was “interesting.”
You know how traffic ebbs and flows. I had passed another white 15 passenger van a few times in the past couple of hours,. LOL! It was a State Farm vehicle on its way to another client. well, he was behind me at the time of the blowout. Later, he told me that he had been working that job for about 15 years.
His comment was " You should have ended up upside down in that embankment. You should not even be alive right now. Yet, none of you are hurt. I am shocked." I told him that God was in control of the van. What an awesome opportunity to share how God protected us! Believe me, we were all shook up!!!
The kids agreed that though it was scary; IT WAS AWESOME!!! LOL! I <blush> had to agree. Let me tell you what it felt like. The tire blew; it was a really loud bang! I felt the van shake and then we went up on one tire! The spin started.
( Everyone always has their seat belts on!) I am so glad that we insist on that! Stephen’s front pass door flew open! Thank God for His Hand and that safety belt!
We spun full circle and came to a rest on the side of the road.
As we spun around,it felt like we were gliding/sliding on ice. It was smooth like a carnival ride. (Such a TRIP!) Not that I want to ever do that again!!! ( I cannot go on carnival rides due to a fused neck…) I do miss roller coasters,bumper cars and those fun rides. Only in the right places!
According to the State Farm guy, if we would have landed one foot further over than we did; we would have flipped and rolled down that embankment. We would not have survived based on all of the accidents that he has seen since starting that job.
I’m so glad to be home today! So Thankful for knowing that no matter what happens God is in control of everything that I really cannot do anything but be along for the ride.

I was once driving outside Vancouver BC in some light rain. Moving about 60MPH. Car in front of me blinks his brake lights, I step on my brakes. Next thing I knew, I was spinning around and around while still moving forward. By the time I stopped I had traveled maybe 1/4 mile and while spinning had somehow amazingly stayed in my original lane. I must’ve been completely and totally hydroplaning. When I stopped, I was facing backwards and traffic was driving straight towards me! Somehow I got myself turned around and kept on going but all very scary!

Where on 1-26 were you? SC or NC? Here in NC, it is a heavy traffic highway. There’s a lot of people who went home with wet pants after watching you dance across!

Oh, I Thank God that you and your Kids are okay Meadowlark. I agree, one scary experience. Excellent work on your A1c also. Good Girl. :slight_smile: Nice to see you again.

What an harrowing experience! You described it well. You were very, very lucky.

And then we blame God for giving us Diabetes and all the other Problems of Life; people get depressed. Life itself is an experience and we should make the best of it. Flow with the tide. Make lemonade from lemons of life. I also hydroplaned once but no one was hurt, seat belts on; only denting of car.

PaulaO, That was in SC. Yes, it was busy with lunch time traffic.
I then had to drive out that way the following Friday night. ugh. My wrists still hurt from tendonitus and hanging on to the wheel. I’ve got to drive it one more time this week. (we have homeschool testing.)