My latest news

Hmm well what can i say
i had my learners permit for less than 2 months when i had my endocrinologist visit and they tell me i am not legally allowed to drive at the moment because my sugars have been unstable… in other words too high

the other great news is i have had type 1 for 5 years or so now and am already showin signs of reversible kidney damage…

so at teh moment am a bit over having diabetes as i am now facing the opposite problem cos i am now having hypos 3 a day so far grrrrr

I’ve been Diabetic for a long time and I had a really hard time when I was switched to lantus/novolog. I had a LOT of lows. almost every other day I was passed out. In 2008 I started on a pump. SO much better control. Even though it still happens…maybe once a month. Don’t give up hope!