My Life: A Numbers Game

I'm offically fed up with Diabetes in everyway. I had a pretty big mental breakdown over it was night when once again the number on my meter was not what I deserve for all the hard work I put in.

7 Day Average: 181
14 Day Average: 171
30 Day Average: 166
60 Day Average: 149
90 Day Average: 151

I'm not pleased, to say the least. I can't seem to make my body use the Insulin that I'm feeding it. I'm needing way more then I have ever needed before. This has been going on too long for me to be sick & I can't blame it on hormones because it never changes.

Of the last 8 or so sites that I have put in, 5-6 of them have "blown out" due to the amount of Insulin I'm pumping through them. These sites are not made for 15-20 unit bolus', I'm convinced. So, I started doing a combo bolus' of however many units over 10 minutes & still they leak all over my shirt & then I smell like grade school nurses office (bandaids) the rest of the day.

I've been on the pump for a year. I use Insets & I've never used anything else. They told me I needed a 90 degree site because I'm "fluffy" & I would get better absorption, plus I was never too keen on inserting manually.

This weekend I went away with a friend who is also counting her life away :) She suggested I try one of her of comforts. She said she felt she had better absorption with them. The first one I put in gave me better numbers (not great, but I didn't see a 200 or 300 the first night). I pulled that one out in my sleep due to the 42" tubing that I'm not used to. I put another one in the morning & used Tagaderm. My BS's have still be "eh", but not quite as bad. I'm not sure if I can credit the site or the salad for that one.

I actually like inserting them manually. I really have less soreness in the site, I don't even notice they are there. I don't think I realized I was even sore until I tried these. I think regardless of better or worse numbers, I'm going to call & order some of them for my next supplies delivery.

My one wish for today: That I could sit down to a big ol' hamburger & fries & never once think - "Man this is going to suck later" or "Well the bun should be about 40g & the fries are 60g, so I bolus for 100g of carbs. Man I eat alot of carbs".

Hang in there Erin. It will get better. It has to. Your hard work will pay off sooner or later.


I went through the same transition and now my carb to insulin ratio is 1:5 and I have upped many of my basal rates. For me I believe it is my weight gain and also my age and long term diabetes. I believe I have become more and more insulin resistant.

The cure which is hard to achieve, is eat less carbs, lose weight and hence less insulin. Let me know when you figure it out. :wink: