My life without pause

I think it is no longer about diabetes. It is just a life of my family,mental illness, social services, court dates and trying to make ends meet. The van…my transpo is down. The savings account is empty. I’m buying the cheapest teststrips to test that I can find. American Diabetes 50 for under 14. dollars not bad if you have it to spare. Medicaid is changing… again. Now, my daughter wont be able to see her psych for a med change on Friday or see her counselor on Monday. She will be out of current meds on Friday. I’m calling everyone I can to try to get help. This stinks. My daughter trusts me to take care of her… and America in the form of medicaid is failing. This is what happens when you fall between the cracks.
Meanwhile, my son wants to come home… at least that is what he says to our face and on the phone… Dont know what he is saying to DSS. (this is my 15 yr old.)
My 17 yr old has been in fostercare for over a yr due to his abuses to the family.
We are being targeted as abusers by DSS. Our court appt atty disagrees with the whole mess. He feels that both of my older sons simply have mental health issues and are teens challenging the living day lights out of us. ( I agree with our atty.) I cannot do anything about genetic history or who it affects or how it affects my family members. I can only do what I can one day at a time.
My children are so precious. We are going thru unbelievable stress financially and emotionally with all of this going on. sigh… We are Air Force Reservist family. We support our country. We are non-conformists…LOL! I homeschool my precious children. I love teaching them… watching them learn at their own pace. I love seeing their faces light up over small accomplishments that have taken time to develop. I’m a mom… I am prejudiced. My kids are my angels and they are awesome.
My husband; their dad and stepdad is an awesome man to stand beside. If life is this hard with him… I don’t want to think about what life would be without him.
My sunshine is my family.

Meadowlark…I have been wondering how you are. Despite your worries, you are some kind of lucky woman. Know we are thinking about you.


I know how kids can get to you sometimes but alast we hear from you!!!I know it seems so hard sometimes but those kids and your husband seem to be standing beside you too! I have to say this b/c I got in trouble with it last month and don’t want you to go there. Don’t forget to take care of yourself with everything that’s going on right now! Your right the medicade system really sucks!!!

Your miracle will come through one way or another.
Hang in there, help will come.

I am so greatful for my friends here. I’m sorry that I didn’t keep posting. Things have been so bad/overwhelming that I just didn’t think anyone would really want to hear the details of heartache. It’s just been so much.
I believe in miracles:)