My life!

Hi, my name is Shannon Julie Prosser and i’m 25 years old. I was born in a town called Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. At the age of 3 i was in an accident in my parents bakery and myleft hand was crushed, i was flown to adelaide and had plastic surgery. I still have my left hand but it is extremely scared and deformed. At the age of 5 i moved to adelaide and grew up in numerous suburbs.When i was 15 i went to the doctors with my mum because i was doing weird things like sleeping lots and drinking heaps, i was diagnosed with diabetes this day. At the age of 17 i meet my husband, who was in year 12 with me. At 24 i finally moved out of home and brought a house with my now husband. In october 2006 i was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and this caused a few trips to doctors and hospitals. On october 6 2007 we got married, in a wildlife sanctuary. One week after our honey moon my husband got a job offer in a town called Port Pirie and because he didn’t like his boss we decided to moved to this country town and give it a go. We now lived in crystal brook and enjoying the quiet country life.

Thats my life

P.S i’m bit of a hippy as my husband calls me, i love gardening, the natural environment, animals of all shapes and sizes and enjoy reading about natural health