My mathematical calculation

One day several years ago, I calculated how many insulin shots I had taken in my life so far. That was back in 2005 when I was bored, I remember the night I did it.

I came across my calculations recently because I’ve been trying to organize twenty (yes twenty) years of paper work. I won’t get into why I’m sorting it all out but I do sure hope that my effort in this isn’t all in vain.

Anyway, I came across a notebook that I used to record my thoughts in. I was surprised to find my calculations of how many shots of insulin I had taken up to 2005.

I have recently recalculated and added my numbers through November 2007. The grand total is 32,120. No I will not calculate how many units of insulin, that’s just too much work!

If only I had put a dollar in a jar for every time I had taken a shot? Boy, that money would come in handy now! :slight_smile:

hey Barbara, for S&g you should calculate how many times you tested your bs! that one is always a hoot for me! hey here’s to at least 20,000 injections and 25 THOUSAND blood sugar tests!