My Mom is in the Hospital

My Mom has been having trouble with her BG for a while now. We thought it might be her meter, because it was just SO high, and she was having difficulty using it properly, so I walked her through it, and through testing it with the control solution. But she was getting readings over 250, even up near 300 for quite a while. But she was in touch with her doctor, and felt pretty much okay, so we were just keeping an eye on things and taking it a day at a time.

No, it wasn’t the meter. She hit the 500 mark on Wednesday, and the doc hospitalized her. With a combination of insulin and pills, they’ve managed to get it down, but it took a while, which bothered the doctor. I’m sort of concerned by that myself, but she’s getting good care, and we’ll see what happens.

She did say one thing that made me feel better – she said "I’ll use you as my motivation. If you can do it, and get it under control, I can."

That was nice.

Wow, 500 is a huge value. Your poor mom must have felt terrible. I know whenever I get a bad high it takes quite a while to get over it, way longer than it takes to get the values down to normal.

I hope you can both motivate each other. This diabetes is just hard work.

I’m flying out there mid-week to help her get home and stable. Then my sister will be helping with her for a while after that. The tentative plan is to move her somewhere closer to us so she can get better care and have more support. Right now, she’s alone, 800+ miles away from both of us.

I’ll be taking my materials from diabetes training class so I can go over as much of it as possible with my Mom while I’m there. She wasn’t sent to classes at all, so she’s been “winging it”.

I may verbally take a few layers of skin off her doctor before this trip is over.