My Name Is Sean

Hi. I’m 26 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 16, 10 years ago.
There was never really any explanation for my diabetes. The doctor concluded that it was stress induced. There was no family history. I was a basketball player in high school and it happened mid-season. I lost about 15 pounds in a week and after a few days in the hospital my doctor wouldn’t let me play that season. So I was basically forced to quit. I continued playing football in high school.
Maybe it was a good thing.
I was depressed for about six months being diagnosed. I slept all the time and didn’t realize what the problem was. Eventually I figured it out and picked myself up.
I grew up in a town in Montana with about 9,000 population. There weren’t any other Type 1’s at my school.
I’ve handled it well over the years. I’ve only been hospitalized once since, and it was a reaction from a Hepatitis shot and insulin. The only real problem I have is I’ve gained some weight since my younger days and struggle to lose it with exercise and diet. I’m 6 foot and about 230 pounds, some of which is muscle.

Ok, now to the interesting stuff. I’m a sports writer and photographer for a daily newspaper. I’ve done that for about five years. During my free time I sing and play guitar and harmonica. Sometimes on an average day I’ll write for up to 10 hours a day and read between 2-4 hours. Basically I spend time away from work on art, literature and sometimes video games. I spend most of my time on music and work. For movies it’s mostly westerns, indie and documentaries. More than 90 percent of what I read is non-fiction. I drink tea, not coffee.

I’ve had some issues with getting a girlfriend since being diagnosed. Basically I don’t want to tell women right away because I feel like a freak. Most of the time they don’t care anyway.
Another thing with Type 1 is I sometimes yearn to be a survivalist and want to live in the woods for a week. Anyone else?

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I’m not sure if this is a total serious site or not. Maybe I can help someone out or achieve something here.

Hi Sean,

Welcome! Great you shared your story. Glad you found our wonderful community.

Tu D isn’t a totally serious site at all. Serious subjects, of course, but also humorous, fun discussions. Hope you’ll feel free to be as silly or serious as you like.

Not a survivalist type, but I’d love to live in the deep woods for a week.

Welcome Sean! Glad to see you here. Thanks for sharing your story.
I find your activities pretty interesting, specially the music, arts and literature part =)
The community is not the totally serious type…lots of things to learn, share and support that goes around here…matter of fact, there are lots of wonderful people here from all walks of life.
I do hope you will find your stay, most informative and enjoyabe as well.

Welcome to TU Sean and thank you for sharing your story. This is a website I think you will refer to often for support and humor.

I bet you liked the movie Jeremiah Johnson. “You’ve come far pilgrim.” “Feels like Far” What a great movie.

You have a lot of interests which is great. You can get so self absorbed with this disease chasing your numbers around its good to have something else.

Take care, and again welcome.

Hi Sean,
It was so interesting reading about you well done you for dealing it all esp since there werent any other type 1s at your school gaining weight I think it might be due to the insulin I feel like I have gained some becaue of the changes in insulin and lack of exercise so I got of my lazy a** and hit the gym as well as summer right around the corner so I can have long walks whilst shopping(just a great excuse to shop hahhahah).

A handsome bloke such as yourself having issues getting a girlfriend whats wrong with the girls in you area, you dont have to tell anyone right away spend time with them and when you get to figure them out let them know ppl are more understanding then we think they are.
We love humor on here esp me without humor it would be very hard to live with diabetes.