My name & Normal-never used in same sentence!

With my insulin requirements unbelievably low still, I decided to eliminate at least half of my other medications. Four of them were BP lowering meds which until about a year ago didn’t do very well anyway, I’m still taking Minoxidil and a Diovan, and at least for a few days, my BP is better than ever–even normal! I’m aware this may not last and I’m checking my BP often to see if it does. I was told once that sometimes when given a med to treat a problem, the body sees it as an intrusion and makes the problem even worse. Maybe my body quit hating me and is trying to make amends, who knows. Oh well, I’ll keep you informed, and if I haven’t been on-line much, I just got my computer upgraded (something my wife did- I haven’t a clue ) and Verizon was having problems with their service. Bud & Max