My Near days

Well im afraid someday, my flawless and beautiful, elegant skin will be destroyed by my type 1 Diabetes, and i know, it surely will… That’s why im determined to die before any destructive complications start to devour me! i would prefer dying young, handsome and fabulous than to live longer with my face more ugly as the wicked witches!!! whats your stand with my story? feel free to comment or message me!!

You’ll still be and look fabulous even with Diabetes. It wont destroy you unless you let it! So stay strong and on top of your world!

Complications are preventable… that’s what all of us diabetics work for. I agree with Priscilla… you will still look fabulous even with diabetes. Just look around this community and you will see gorgeous people (both young and old) around you! wink wink. You shoudnt permit diabetes to “devour you”… However…the “young, flawless and elegant skin” one has will all change sometime in the future…not because of diabetes but because of old age =) For some people…happiness and family are valued too.

I am really flattered by your comments! But here in our place, i know lots of people with diabetes who had unimproved wounds and the wounds even become larger and it starts to devour flesh, literally!@!! i don’t want that to happen… can you keep in touch and can i have your numbers so that i can contact you as soon as something in my body changes??? thanks a lot for your comments!

Jamie, look around at our community! You will find people living happy, healthy lives who have lived with type 1 diabetes for 20, 30, 40, 50 years!! It is possible. Taking care of yourself will give you the best chances.

Diabetes does lead to complications, some minor, some major, but also remember that even non-diabetics face health problems as they get older. It is part of life! As you get older, so will everyone around you :slight_smile:

jamie it is possible to avoid complications with tight control. the devouring flesh person probably didn’t take care of themselves very well, but as science and technology improves, the longevity of one with diabetes can be just as long as one without. It is a disease that you can control, and have control over.

OOOOO no, no…us diabetics age better than the rest of the population. You best plan to live to be 100yrs old. and everyone will tell you you look 60yrs old. Take care of your diabetes and keep a positive attitude and it will show, on the inside as well as the outside.

C’mon Jamie, lighten up! T1 is not the end of your world! I’ve had it for 40 yrs. Done it perfectly?.. no, not at all. Many people take my age for 40 or 45 not the real 55! I thank Mom & Dad for that, 40 yrs ago I was told I should expect to be blind in 10, no teeth in 15, would need new kidneys in 20! None of that has happened thanks to being aware of my Diabetes and the improvement in technology. Like Robin said, you’re going to be here for a while so stay sharp,relax and enjoy the ride!

i am grateful to your comments… but still i can’t help being afraid! could you help me by giving me some tips???

to all: hey can you call me so we could share thoughts and experiences?? here’s my number: +639391392615… hope you would ring me up… i’ll be waiting,…

Hi Jamie. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 37 years (I got it when I was 15) and so far I’m doing pretty much OK with it. When I was younger I did think that I wouldn’t be able to live long because of this disease, but I’m still here and I hope to be happy and alive when I’m 60, in 2017!

I’m sorry to hear that your diabetes is troubling you so much. I hope that you’ll get some peace with it. For now just try your best to take care of yourself, and see what happens!

Hey Jamie,

I’m a bit older so if I sound like a father lecturing I’m sorry. But I’m a concerned more with your outlook than your skin. I believe that many of the comments prior to this are correct and you will be able to maintain your appearance with care.

BUT, true beauty is not what people see but what they feel as to who we are…more importantly it is how we feel about who we are. I’m sure you have a lot of gifts to share with those in your life now and will be in your life later…so please don’t rob yourself or others of this. You have your whole life ahead of you, it can be a wonderful ride, a wife, children and even grandchildren. Experience all of this and then you’ll understand the meaning of true beauty.

I wish you well Jamie, remember it is just a disease - it is NOT who you are.


Kawawa naman.

Young man, if you’re looking for sympathy from this fellow Filipino Type 1, then you won’t get it. I’ve had diabetes since 1991 and I’m a better man because of it. Jamie, you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If you can find the courage within yourself to control your diabetes, then you will understand what I mean. None of us ask for this, but believe me, Type 1 diabetes is not a death sentence. In fact, I never understood what it meant to really live until I started to control my condition.

My advice: USE your diabetes. This cross that we bear can easily become our greatest strength, an awesome motivator that will force you to grow stronger and more disciplined every day. Think of your beautiful family that I see in your pictures…reminds me so much of my own familty. How would they feel if you got your wish and died young? Now that would the ugliest sight of all, no?

Take care young Jamie, your health begins with your mindset. You will not get anywhere until you can conquer your fear. And as you can see from all the great people in this community, you have support to help you get over it.

OK lang pare! Just send kuya Dino a message if you ever need help brother :slight_smile:

Jamie I have been a diabetic since I was eight. I am now 47 (OMG! thats almost 50!). I have always had very good skin. In my teenage years I maybe had one pimple every couple of years. Time will have an effect on your skin but I dont think diabetes will. My grandfather and my uncle were/are diabetic also and I dont think either one of them were old looking before their time. Just relax, diabetes isnt an instant death sentence and its not an immediate sentence to the ugly farm.