My new dentist approves of low carb

I have been a patient of the same dental practice for about 30 years. Just recently the dentist who I saw twice a year has moved away and a new young woman has taken his place. The practice philosophy is to use minimum intervention. That suits me perfectly, so 2 check ups and 2 clean ups per year and I'm fine.
the new Dentist, Donna, decided to get to know me a bit and read off my medication routine from my charts. I told her I'm a diabetic rebel and low carb, even though the NHS recommends a low fat diet for diabetics. Donna agrees with low carb, saying it's much better for my teeth, which are pretty good for age 66. She also agrees that a low fat diet leads to problems with fat soluble vitamins. She talked about low fat food products and the additives they often have. I told her we eat "food" in our house, not "products".
Donna's sister is apparently a dietician and worried about the outdated advice for healthy diet that too many paients are given. She believes that the corner is being reached and people are peeping round, soon to turn.
Perhaps then the next generation of diabetics will be healthier and there will be fewer new ones as the concept of "balanced diet" improves.

Interesting point about low fat causing problems with fat soluble vitamins, first I'd heard that. I've often wondered if low carb would also be good for the teeth, but that's probably never been studied.