My new Dexcom arrived yesterday


I recorded a short video (unfortunately the focus isn’t great) that compares the basic screen for the Dexcom 3 and Dexcom 7. It also shows how the Dexcom 7 does sensor replacement.

Overall the differences in the screen are small, but useful.

The sensor insertion is much better. That slightly smaller gauge needle was much less painful for me. Although getting the transmitter into place in the sensor takes a lot more force. I had to press really hard to get it to click into place. I’m not even sure how I can remove it!

More about this and the new software later.

If you haven’t tried it yet, have a look at the Diabetes Search Engine. I’m constantly adding diabetes-related sites to it and I believe it returns really useful results. I need to complete the categories and make sure each site has the correct category settings. Let me know what you think about it, and feel free to use it on your site.

Remember all advertisement money raised by the search engine goes to support my bike ride for Type 1 Diabetes research. The money raised by the ride helps fund Dr. Denise Faustman at Mass General who’s doing very interesting research on a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes.


Hi Bernard,
Congrats on the new Dex! Hope you’re enjoying it.

Do you have any idea whether the Dexcom 3 sensors are compatible with the Dexcom 7? The spare sensor I bought turned out to be for the 3 and I’m hoping I can use it anyway.

BTW, the search engine is fantastic. And congrats on your ride - how many miles are you planning to do?